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7 Apr - 2020

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A real tour of the game world at home? Mattel is ready to guide children to have fun!

We’re all living in a special time and being at home is essential. Of course boredom is lurking and very often finding activities to do at home becomes difficult and repetitive. Don’t worry: Mattel has a real vademecum of fun in store for everyone. In fact, the walls of the house are only a physical limit, which fortunately do not prevent imagination, creativity and play from travelling freely. For this reason Mattel has thought of the rooms in the houses as the stages of a journey into the world of the game. Thanks to Mattel Games in fact every room has its own game, suitable for the whole family.

Stage 1: One and One Flip are waiting for you…in the kitchen!

If you’re not really good at cooking, why not think about beating your relatives or roommates in a last card challenge to dispose of your lunch or dinner? One is now a classic Mattel game: few rules, but lots of fun and also lots of challenge that will put the most competitive ones to the test. For those who like to renew the tradition there is also the new “recipe” of One, One Flip: all the cards have a double side and, when the special card is played, all players turn the cards in their hands, for a double fun.

2nd Stage: Drawings or words? Pictionary or Scrabble? This is the dilemma of the living room!

The living room is perhaps the space you like most: it’s the place where you can relax and enjoy shared moments of relaxation. Why not add a touch of imagination and creativity? If you love to draw, with Pictionary you don’t need to be an artist to win, you just need to unleash your creativity! The goal of the game is to make your teammates guess the subjects of your drawings. By guessing, the team can proceed on the dashboard boxes. The first team to reach the finish line wins. Alternatively, if you prefer word games, you cannot miss a challenge to Scrabble, the most famous word game in the world where the player who scores the most points by building the most words.

Step 3: Everyone in the bathroom for Poop Catch the Poop!

Yes, the bathroom has its own game too. Don’t be picky and have fun with Poop Catcher. Goal of the game? Catch a funny smiling poop. Inside the package, players will find a toilet together with a plunger: pulling the flush lever throws the nut and, depending on the number released, the player must press the plunger on the toilet seat just that number of times. The fun begins when the poop takes flight: the first player to catch it earns a token. Only those who have the most chips at the end of the game will be proclaimed the winner!

Stage 4: The studio becomes exotic with Lapo the Alpaca and Save the Monkeys!

Bring a touch of adventure and exoticism to your home studio with Lapo the Alpaca and Save the Monkeys! Lapo is a nice alpaca, but be careful: pressing his head will activate a timer. In turn, players will have to load the luggage on his back and, if time runs out earlier, Lapo will “spit” in the player’s face. The winner is the one who first loads all the items without dropping them. With Save the Monkeys, you’ll have a delicate mission to complete: don’t let the monkeys fall to the ground! You must remove the sticks under the monkeys from the tower without dropping them. Whoever drops the fewest monkeys will be the winner.

Stage 5: Magic 8 Ball is waiting for you in the bedroom to answer your bedtime questions!

It’s time to go to bed, but aren’t you sleepy? Do you have any doubts you want answered? No problem thanks to MAGIC 8 BALL™! This colorful little ball knows the answers to your doubts! Just ask the ball a question, shake it and find the final answer, so you can sleep soundly!

With Mattel Games you can also travel in your home on the wings of fantasy and smile in the family!

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