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6 Apr - 2020

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To have fun also in quarantine Geronimo Stilton provides online books, video readings and many stratopic activities for his young friends, parents and even teachers

Geronimo Stilton has always stood by his young readers. In these special days, to cheer up the kids and help parents find new ideas to spend time together with their children in an instructive and fun way, he decided to make available online free books, activities, games and teaching materials for teachers to do together during the quarantine. In addition, a video message will be broadcast by Rai1, Rai Yoyo and RaiPlay dedicated to all his young friends with advice “within reach of the child” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKnG8Vcg35A).

Starting from Tuesday, April 7, 2020 on the website www.geronimostilton.it children and adults will find every week for a month a different story of the most beloved writer-mouse: Il piccolo libro della gentilezza, Il piccolo libro della terra, La gara dei supercuochi and Il tesoro di Rapa Nui will be available for free to dive together with Geronimo in some of his daring adventures. But that’s not all: online you’ll also find some activities to do alone or together with the greats (from coloring to activities) to paint your days in cheese colours. Also on Geronimo Stilton’s website a new version of topavatar is coming for the occasion: the members of the community, among the various alter egos to choose from to browse Geronimo’s website perfectly “topicalized”, will find the uniforms of doctor and nurse, the new super heroes of our time. For the little ones or for those who prefer to listen to a story, the appointment is on the social channels of Edizioni Piemme and Geronimo Stilton where, always starting from Tuesday, Geronimo Stilton “in fur and moustache” will read for his young friends The little book of kindness.

But Geronimo knows that everything starts from education and that school plays a fundamental role in the emotional and intellectual formation of children. For this reason, considering the new reality of online school lessons, for all teachers who wish to use them, on the website www.leggendoleggendo.it will be available materials and educational cards linked to the four books, to continue the emotion of reading and learning while having fun! Geronimo Stilton’s video message, collected by Atlantyca Entertainment, will also be broadcast in the program “Diario di Casa”, broadcast on Rai1, Rai Yoyo and RaiPlay.

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