Kawanimals, to stay close to the children in these difficult times promotes workshops to do at home

Kawanimals is a brand created with the aim of cultivating kindness and empathy through free online educational content presented through its adorable characters.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the world needs kindness and empathy now more than ever. Parents need ways to help their children cope with isolation. The Kawanimals want to help, so they have built a special section on their website called “staying home” with resources specially designed for this purpose.

You can find them on the website:

  • An educational video (reviewed by a pediatrician) explaining to children what the Coronavirus is and what they can do to help (with an emphasis on staying home).

  • Activities specifically designed to make your stay at home a fun and positive experience. Using the guidelines of psychologists, our contents promote mental and physical well-being
    Relevant videos: teaching children to wash their hands and the exercises they can do at home
  • New content is uploaded almost every day as the Kawanimals team continues to pursue their goal and actively seek new content to share with children, parents and caregivers.

Edebé Licensing is the brand’s licensing agent in Europe. For more information and to find out more visit their website.

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