24 Mar - 2020

Warren Buffett, Jennifer Garner, and Genius Brands Internatioal produce animated public service announcements aimed at teasching children safe hygiene practices to help prevent against COVID-19


In an effort to provide valuable information to parents and children in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Genius Brands International “Genius Brands” (Nasdaq: GNUS) has produced a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs), starring Warren Buffett and Jennifer Garner, to inform children about safe hygiene, utilizing brands from the Company’s catalog, including Llama Llama (NETFLIX), Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club (AMAZON PRIME), and Rainbow Rangers (NICKELODEON).

Genius Brands has produced seven PSAs focusing on teaching children how to practice handwashing and social distancing to help keep our family, friends, and community safe. The messaging is presented in a manner that children can easily understand. Warren Buffett, who co-created and stars in Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club, and Jennfer Garner, who stars in Netflix’s Llama Llama, have lent their voices and donated their time to participate in the production of the PSAs. The PSAs will be distributed to Genius Brands’ media partners around the world, as well as on Genius Brands’ network of channels, which are distributed across Comcast, Cox, Amazon Prime, Roku, DISH and available in over 100M U.S. television households.

I am proud to participate in these PSAs with Genius Brands to deliver the overarching message to children everywhere that the best investment they can make, is an investment in themselves and today that means safe hygiene,” commented Warren Buffett.

Given where we are today, we recognize we had an opportunity and obligation to utilize our well recognized brands we have to deliver an extremely important message to parents and children, particularly those in vulnerable situations. I am extremely grateful to Warren and Jennifer, for their generosity in working with us to develop this PSA campaign, as well as the many talents behind the scenes donating their time and effort to bring these to the marketplace in record time,” said Andy Heyward, Chairman & CEO, Genius Brands.

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