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24 Mar - 2020

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Clementoni offers games, creative ideas and interesting pastimes. On Instagram you can also find a funny column and a competition

The first week of forced stay at home is coming to an end but kindergartens and schools have been closed for almost a month. After the first few days during which the new condition of “permanent holiday” aroused curiosity and enthusiasm, now begins the moment when parents have the need to devote their children’s lots of free time. Time that is hopefully of quality and that, along with a few peeks at the tablet or television, can become an unexpected opportunity to share through the creation of creative work or even fun challenges with board games or the creation of puzzles.

In order to be even closer to families, giving creative ideas and ideas for interesting pastimes, in recent weeks Clementoni has also been active on social channels with an Instagram – #acasadascuola – linked to the theme of home entertainment, not only with proposals related to the world of the brand but also with useful suggestions to better manage the amount of time to spend at home with children and thus also offer a service that can be appreciated by parents looking for new game ideas.

To encourage games to play together and promote home-made recreational activities, Clementoni also offers a daily competition on its Instagram channel. Until 3 April, every day, a selection of books will be awarded to the best 5 photographic contents, among the most fun and original, which will tell how to spend time at home with your children during recreational activities dedicated to them. To participate just post a photo tagging @clemetonitoys in the photo or comment and using the official hashtag #acasadascuola.


For the little ones, to avoid boredom and continue to stimulate them in the absence of the activities carried out in kindergarten, Clementoni proposes:

Sequence Puzzle (3+)
Set of puzzles consisting of tiles to be placed in sequence to recreate themes familiar to the child. The graphics with elegant strokes and delicate colors are designed to capture the attention of children gently. This type of puzzle stimulates dexterity, visual perception and story telling.

Find It Puzzle (4+)
A series of colorful author’s puzzles with 60 large tiles and a 33-card deck with illustrated elements to look for inside the puzzle image once composed. This line is designed to stimulate fine craftsmanship and visual perception by the child.

Find It Puzzle and Sequence Puzzle are part of the Play for Future line, toys respectful of nature, made with sustainable, recycled and totally recyclable materials.

Clementoni, for the whole family, also offers a series of games with cards that know no age limits (4-99) and that have always accompanied the time spent together.

Stealer (4-99)
The popular game of Rubamazzo is coloured by cute illustrations designed to entertain preschoolers. It contains 40 playing cards with illustrations of toys instead of numbers, to help the child associate cards through figures. With lots of play modes… for endless fun!

Flags (6-99)
Discovering all the flags of the world has never been so much fun and exciting! A deck of cards with flags, names and maps of 50 countries, with information on the colours, symbols and shape of each flag. The goal of the game is to be the fastest to grab the flags with the required characteristics to earn as much as possible.

But Clementoni’s proposals don’t end there. You can put yourself to the test with games from the most classic to the most innovative, dedicated to board game lovers, to try your hand at exciting challenges and cunning games.

Naval Battle (5+)
A great classic that fascinates adults and children alike returns with a new look and a completely new design thanks to the special magnetic board to place the checkers of the game. Everything is ready to start a great battle between submarines, cruisers and aircraft carriers.

Treasure Hunt (6+)
With 24 cards and 48 visual riddles to solve in order to reach the goal! Some riddles describe household objects near which the parent will decide to hide the prizes of each stage, to create a unique and personalized treasure hunt! It contains a treasure chest in which to place the treasure. Children will be able to follow an ever-changing path, to give free rein to their creativity and imagination!

Unlock the door (8-14)
A fascinating logic game for little detectives to discover and solve! Like in an escape room, children will have to solve the puzzles of 3 different adventures set in space, in the Pharaoh’s tomb and in a castle. Each adventure is accompanied by a deck of cards with riddles. The goal of the game is to solve, step by step, all the riddles of each scenario.

Meteoropaths (10+)
The first weather board game to play and have fun betting on different temperatures. Meteoropaths are demanding travelers whose mood changes according to the weather: their goal is to live the ideal holiday traveling in different cities with the weather they prefer. Meteoropaths move from city to city asking the voice assistant for information about the local weather: if temperature and weather conditions are ideal for them, they earn a day’s holiday.

Atlantic (10+)
A game and a journey to discover the world, art and poetry of Marco Mengoni’s songs! Each player can choose whether to reach a destination in Europe, North Africa and South America or “paint” with colored tokens the illustrated cards with places, people and beauties of the world. The aim of the game is to travel around the world and reach the highest score thanks to the illustrated cards present in the various continents, the “sharing” cards and the objectives. Author’s illustrations and phrases taken from the songs of the Atlantic disc will be the background of a game designed to share experiences, colors and scents of travel always new and full of emotions. Available on Amazon.

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