23 Mar - 2020

Exclusively on RaiPlay from Friday 20th March. Premiered on Rai Yoyo from Sunday 29th March every day at 4.50 pm with a double episode

“Lampadino e Caramella nel MagiRegno degli Zampa”, a revolutionary cartoon for methodology, inclusive and without barriers, the first and only one aimed at all children, with or without sensory deficits, produced by Rai Ragazzi and the Roman company Animundi, will be distributed in exclusive preview on Rai Play from Friday, March 20th, and in first TV view on Rai Yoyo from Sunday, March 29th every day at 4.50 pm with a double episode.

Even and especially in a period of emergency like this, the theme of inclusion is essential, in order to be close as a public service to the children who face more difficulties and their families“, says Luca Milano, director of Rai Ragazzi. “The strength of the animated series Lampadino e Caramella is that the programme is aimed at everyone, to promote inclusiveness and the exchange of experiences from the very first years of life“.

Characters, shapes, colours, words, music and rhythm are built to adapt to the different sensibilities and levels of competence of each child between 2 and 6 years old, so as to promote moments of sharing that educate to respect the other, each with their own differences.

In collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, the Roman production company Animundi has designed and codified with the advice of a pool of experts – teachers, educators, psychologists, doctors – a highly innovative method of working, the “Cartoon Able”, creating a product that has required over two years of work and that combines the playful purpose with a component with a strong social impact, designed to promote inclusiveness from the earliest years of life, encouraging the exchange between young viewers, who will learn to naturally welcome the diversity of each and practice different languages with ease.

Unique in the world, the Cartoon Able technique provides a very precise scheme: a clear language with calibrated narrative timing and versatile rhythm, a style of animation usable by all, a narrating voice, just like an audio guide, and a sound commentary harmonized to the context for the parts without dialogue (for the benefit of blind or visually impaired children), subtitles with specific syntax and simultaneous translation in the Italian Sign Language (LIS), with actors in costume who act in live-action inserted in a comic strip (for the benefit of deaf children). The shapes, the graphics and the use of colors, respect particular criteria of perception in accordance with recent research in neuro-aesthetic disciplines that attribute to curved shapes and a studied combination of colors a reduction in the level of anxiety and the activation of areas of the brain related to pleasure. The sound effects and music are also such that they are not invasive or annoying for any spectator (for the benefit of autistic children).

The series develops in twenty episodes of six minutes each and tells the adventures of two nice little brothers – Lampadino and Caramella – and their animal friends, met in the MagiRegno degli Zampa, the fantastic place to which children have access thanks to a magic formula. Simple but not trivial stories, with educational purposes and sometimes inspired by current themes, told in a surprisingly new way, using communication codes and languages completely new to the world of animation, designed to entertain and stimulate the imagination of every child, against the wall of prejudice and discrimination, because fun and imagination are a right of all children.

For its pedagogical and social value, the project has obtained the economic contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and, right from the start, has conquered the world of business, art and entertainment. Many personalities have agreed to actively support the project, such as the designer Renato Balestra and the dance star Sabrina Brazzo, or lending their voices to the various characters of the TV series, such as Giovanni Allevi, Beppe Carletti, Raul Cremona, Gigi and Ross, Vladimir Luxuria, Guillermo Mariotto and Giuseppe Zeno, the latter narrating all the episodes.

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