18 Mar - 2020

Sergio Bonelli Editore makes its debut on the official channels of the series of “digital” meetings dedicated to the new products of the publishing house presented in preview by the respective authors

In this complicated period, Sergio Bonelli Editore decided to create new spaces to bring readers and authors together. Of course, tours in bookstores and comic bookstores will come back as soon as possible, but in the meantime why not go into the homes of our authors to let us tell their works, maybe taking a peek behind the scenes at their workstations?

So, starting from today, on the official pages of Sergio Bonelli Editore (website, Facebook page, Instagram profile and Youtube channel) will be available a series of videos of our authors: made and recorded by them, directly in their homes, to meet readers and, in the case of Bonelli Stories on Instagram, to answer questions about the profile of the publishing house. It will be enough to send them commenting on the themed Stories that will be created on Instagram SBE channel: we will collect the most interesting questions and we will shoot them to our draftsmen and our screenwriters, asking them to answer readers’ curiosity and to open our doors. For all the other videos: they will be small freewheeling presentations, to give all the fans a new immersion in the world of our authors.

The calendar of “meetings” of “A CASA CON L’ AUTORE” will be periodically updated on Bonelli’s official profiles, but here we anticipate the first appointment, which opens today with a video made (in total safety!) by the Editorial Director Michele Masiero yesterday, directly from Casa Buonarroti.

In the next few days, many other authors will present a preview of their books, including:

  • Roberto Recchioni who will tell us about Dylan Dog and all the news about the Nightmare Investigator.
  • Mauro Boselli who will tell us about Tex
  • Giovanni Masi and Mauro Uzzeo who will tell the story of The Border
  • Giacomo Keison Bevilacqua who will open his house to tell us about Attica
  • Emiliano Mammucari who will tell us about Zardo, the new comic by Tiziano Sclavi
  • Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti talking about Dragonero. The Princess of the Sands
  • Claudio Chiaverotti with his Morgan Lost & Dylan Dog. Nightmares and Serial Killer
  • Luca Barbieri who will tell us about Dragonero. The Rebel 5
  • Pasquale Ruju for his Le Storie 90. Cassidy
  • Moreno Puppets who will tell us about Zagor Special 32 and Zagor 657
  • Antonio Serra who will comment for readers Odessa Rivelazioni 5 and Nathan Never – International Space Station

To follow the meetings Sergio Bonelli Editore “A casa con l’autore” (At home with the author)





The official hashtag of the initiative is #CasaaConBonelli

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