10 Mar - 2020

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With Dolfin, Ferrero, Motta and Paluani products dedicated to Mattel brands, Easter has a whole new flavour!

Easter is just around the corner! One of the most awaited periods for lovers of sweetness and surprises is coming! Dolfin, Ferrero, Motta and Paluani couldn’t miss out with all their Easter products dedicated to Mattel brands, to bring not only sweetness, but also a lot of joy with unique and original surprises!

Dolfin dedicates to Barbie, the most beloved fashion doll of all time, 3 different sizes of fine milk chocolate eggs, with many surprises to discover:

  • Egg Barbie 50 g, in very fine milk chocolate: each egg contains a surprise … obviously signed Barbie!
  • Egg Barbie 220 g, in very fine milk chocolate: inside this egg, a 3D mini doll by Barbie is waiting for the most greedy fans of the fashion doll (6 assorted mini dolls. all to collect).
    320 g Barbie egg, in very fine milk chocolate: whoever discards this super Easter egg will find not only a surprise inside, but also a glittering bag with sequins that change colour on the outside of the package! (3 assorted models)

Lots of Dolfin chocolate and many special surprises will not be missing for two other beloved Mattel brands:

  • Egg The Thomas Train 220 g, in very fine milk chocolate, with fantastic surprises dedicated to the nicest locomotive ever!
    Enchantimals Egg 220 g, in very fine milk chocolate: the enchanted world of Enchantimals is enclosed inside this egg and not only: girls will find a wonderful plush headband on the outside of the pack (3 assorted models).

A special novelty for this 2020 is Ferrero that dedicates one of its timeless classics to the flamboyant challenges of Hot Wheels: beautiful surprises to collect await the most daring, who will be able to experience exciting challenges in augmented reality thanks to the Easter Kinder App.

  • Kinder Big Surprise 150g

Motta for this Easter thought to enclose inside a delicious milk chocolate egg the little worlds of Polly Pocket! Lots of fantastic collectible surprises will drive the lovers of the funny Polly’s micro adventures crazy!

  • Polly Pocket 190g egg in milk chocolate, with surprise

In addition to the timeless Easter eggs, another sweet symbol of this festivity that cannot be missed is undoubtedly the columbine. Paluani, a great classic of the recurrence sweets, wanted to make a mini sized dove for the greediest children:

  • Colombina Barbie: a fragrant 80 gr Paluani dove enriched with delicious chocolate drops. Inside the package a fantastic surprise awaits lovers of the most famous fashion doll: a Barbie extension, available in two colors, pink and blue, ideal to personalize and make each look unique.
  • Colombina Hot Wheels: the recipe is the same as for Colombina Barbie, but inside the package a surprise signed Hot Wheels will win over lovers of challenges and engines!

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