Coming soon the second season of Kally’s Mashup, on the Super! channel from February 10th to March 12th

A lot of news about Kally’s Mashup is coming soon: like the new episodes of season 2, which are scheduled from February 10th to March 12th.

Kally is a normal 13-year-old girl with a fantastic gift: she’s a real force at the piano! Thanks to this extraordinary ability, Kally will find herself catapulted from the small village where she lives to the biggest and most famous music school in town. A nice change for such a young girl. In addition to all this and the typical problems of adolescence, Kally will also find herself fighting to make her dream come true. In fact, although everyone believes that her future is in the world of classical music, Kally’s real passion is pop music!

In the new episodes aired on Super!, Kally reveals during the Revelation Award to be @mica635. After careful evaluation the judges decide to award the victory to Kally. After Kally’s win, Watemberg decides to open the Allegro Conservatory also to contemporary music and not only to classical music and to compete in the competition for the “Key of G” award of Contemporary Music, where Allegro will have to challenge the Evolution Conservatory.

In this second series of episodes: the Allegro risks to close and Kally and Gloria do everything to avoid it. Kally discovers that Marco is an Evolution spy, but maybe there’s more than one spy. Pablo, a former suitor of Kally’s, returns and for this reason he quarrels with Tina, who accuses her of leaving her brother. Andy confesses to Lucy that he has feelings for Gloria. DAK are getting ready for their first tour while both the story between Kally and Dante and the story between Tina and Kevin are shipwrecked… how will it end? Will the Allegro win the Key of Sol and will Kally and Dante stay together?

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