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19 Feb - 2020

The stars ymbolize light, energy and hope, but also desire and discovery – of other worlds and other universes. This makes it an ideal theme for children’s clothing and accessories – including products planned by a number of brands in 2020 and 2021

The stars. Just looking at them makes us feel better – a feeling of confidence and serenity. Stars are a magical and positive symbol; they represent beauty, light and hope.

There may be millions of stars above us – but the star is still special. And when it becomes part of children’s fashion collections, it helps children’s apparel to express all the positive associations that these celestial images evoke. So how have some famous brands interpreted this theme for their 2020 and 2021 product lines?

Monnalisa is an Italian high-end children’s wear brand, with a reputation for innovation. In its winter 2020 collection it has chosen to bring together stars with the character of Jerry, the house mouse who breaks all the rules by out witting Tom the cat. Jerry is something of a star himself, with roles in a number of musical films, performing in song and dance numbers. The line is a fun one – and comprehensive too: it includes bags, jeans, dresses, sweatshirts, and hats, onto which star motifs are printed or embroidered on tulle.

For the press office and area manager Elena Losa the stars are poetic. As she points out, they lend themselves easily to outfits appropriate for the world of childhood – and will certainly continue to appear frequently in Monnalisa collections. In the winter of 2021, when Monnalisa plans to show at Pitti, the stars will again take centre stage, this time in a presentation for older girls, using colours that include the white, grey, or pale green hues of talc, as well as bright red and black. They will be outlined in pop-inspired prints, in laid on cropped shirts with balloons levees, and applied on faux leather dresses, mixed with Prince of Wales bottoms.

Nucleo Kids is an Italian brand that aims for quality and elegance for the 0-16 age group. In Nucleo’s winter 2020 collection, girls certainly shine in such refined garments as a wide and soft faux fur jacket in light gray with large printed blue stars that is also reversible, and a maxi black knitted sweater in long fur, which has a bright white star in the centre of the chest along with some very chic script.

How about spring 2020? Well, the Paola Gazzola marketing office reveals that, for the very young, Nucleo has created two chenille jumpsuits, open in front and with feet. One (with pink and gray stripes) is for baby girls and one (with blue and gray stripes) is for baby boys. Designed for ages from newborn upwards, they will be available in sizes 0-1,1-3 and 3-6 months, and will have two jersey-shaped star patches on the knees. For the older girl there will be a short dung are in stretch denim with white printed stars, in all sizes from 3-16years.

Accessorize UK is an accessories brand that has a fascinating line for girls and boys, and no shortage of stars, as part of its latest output. Stars shine on backpacks –in shades of gray and beige, embellished with sequins, or on a polar bear; the large star on his back is bound to make people smile. Stars shine on the bags too, including a transparent bag with holographic printing; it has a touch of the magical about it.They make hair accessories stand out too: there’s the elegant head band, for instance, with applied and sparkling stars in various colours or the clips with a resin-star, inside which you can find star-shaped glitter. Dreamy girls will love the new set off our bracelets, a pair in elastic with star beads in two colours, and two others with round beads and the words ‘Star’ and ‘Gazer’.

Emu Australia is a footwear brand that uses natural, high-quality materials. One of its top products is its suede boots, padded with merino wool, and equipped with a flexible rubber sole. For the 2020/2021 season, various models have been designed for boys and girls with stars, some of which are waterproof, in black, lilac, pink and fuchsia. The stars are in metallic print, normal or phosphorescent. The metallic stars are also available on moccasins, designed to be worn both at home and outside.


The Fun.com site is known worldwide for exclusive clothing, objects and costumes inspired by pop-culture. In its clothes lines, the stars are the uniforms of Marvel and DC Comics superheroes such as Wonder Woman and Captain America, who inspire sweatshirts and t-shirts for children, or bibs for cool and original babies. The star theme also includes objects and clothes inspired by NASA and the American flag.

Primary.com was founded by two mothers who wanted to provide children with comfortable clothes that never went out of fashion. They bring the stars motif to winter hats in various shades, as well as socks and an abundant assortment of sweatshirts, trousers and pajamas.


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