At the Kidscreen Summit 2020, Mondo TV will announce the launch of MeteoHeroes and a strong and varied production portfolio

With a cross-platform presence and a growing number of successful productions, Mondo TV, one of Europe’s leading producers and distributors of animated content, has a lot to talk about at the Kidscreen Summit (Miami, February 10-13), including new TV series and new seasons such as MeteoHeroes, Sissi the Young Empress, Invention Story, House of Talent, YooHoo to the Rescue and Robot Trains.

Mondo TV and Toon2Tango will also present some of the projects in development since the launch of their strategic alliance, first announced in 2019. Toon2Tango is the new kids content factory led by Ulli Stoef and Jo Daris, long-time experts in the TV and film industry. The alliance will focus on the development, production and distribution of unique, high-quality programs – at least eight new animated TV series over the next four years, which Mondo TV Group and Toon2Tango will co-produce and distribute.

The big news in Mondo TV’s well-established production portfolio is the expected arrival of the highly original new animated children’s series MeteoHeroes on Italian TV. The complete 52 x 7″ series, in co-production with Meteo Expert Center, Italy’s leading weather forecasting group, addresses issues such as climate change, ecology and respect for nature through the incredible adventures of six super-powered children. It’s an important message, but it is conveyed in a fun and engaging way in a series full of action and comedy that helps young viewers understand the problems and how they can help the planet through the adventures of six fantastic children.

The first release of MeteoHeroes is scheduled for autumn 2020. On 22 April, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, there will be a major media campaign during which the stars of MeteoHeroes will play their role as ambassadors in the fight for the protection of our planet.