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22 Jan - 2020

Licensing is able to create new fashion trends and new growth opportunities for companies

There is a world able to combine entertainment, the best content for adults and children and to land in the fashion world to contaminate it giving a new verve to the products: it’s about licensing. Its ability to catch the attention of users and to “shift” the focus on the market, in recent years has gained credibility even in the fashion world where the wide range of licenses has been able to express itself to almost the maximum of its possibilities.

These are two “elastic” areas, with infinite possibilities of collaboration and, in the case of maximum redundancy, a licensing project can even change the fortunes of a fashion company, repositioning it, making it talk about itself again, giving it new life.

With a public relations activity, online and offline, capsule collections or lasting partnerships, segmentation of the offer by target and purchase possibilities (from houte-couture to fast fashion), the oil slick spreads and real successful case histories are born, combining the world of licensing and fashion: to name just one in the fashion industry, the GCDS brand has chosen to include iconic characters such as Pokémon or Hello Kitty in its latest collections, or Jeremy Scott who has elected the Powerpuff Girls, Spongebob and Olivia in the high fashion Olympus, just to name a few examples.

The images from the fashion shows have had a world-wide high profile, especially on social networks, helping to increase even more the visibility of the brand and the selected fashion company.

To enter this Olympus not only and not so much the “adults” brands but many brands that are born from entertainment and originally perceived as kids IP, as the Pink Panther and Popeye, passing through the legendary Peanuts. These are all brands that every year start continuous collaborations with fashion companies in the kids and, above all, adults, from Benetton to Monnalisa and Iceberg.

Kidult trend knows no age, an adult who recognizes himself, binds himself to a character which in his childhood or adolescence has been an integral part of his days and passions. Young Adults and Adults love to find their favorite characters imprinted on a sweater, a sweatshirt or even an accessory, thus becoming an icon of a generation and all the values it sums up.

From trend to trend, through licensing we have gone from the great return of the Nostalgia brands, to the ’90s up to the very current ’80s. From adult to child the transition is short and it’s not rare to see the same property declined on both targets by the same fashion company. Character licensing and kids fashion make up a stainless couple with guaranteed success. Character licensing is able to give a strong boost to the product, capturing the attention of children, but of course also that of mothers.

Entering fully into the topic of licensing there is a trade fair in Italy where the world of licensing can tell about their latest trends and allow fashion companies to plan effective strategies for their markets, high-sounding capsules, also exploiting historical anniversaries in the licensing world, such as, in the 2019 edition, the 60th anniversary of Barbie or the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty: this is the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. A meeting place between the brands of the moment and companies that produce consumer goods for any product category. A novelty for 2020 will be that this event will dedicate a special space to bring together fashion companies and big brands in order to give birth to new collaborations that will create a big exposure and mutual benefits to all the partners involved, giving prominence to brands, but especially to companies that want to become partners of new successful fashion projects.

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