Discovering BigFoot’s trips to the Toy Fair

The legend of BigFoot has bewildered and entertained for ages. He’s sparked TV shows, festivals, and even organizations dedicated to the research and investigation of Bigfoot sightings. Pennsylvania author and artist D.L. Miller decided to take a new approach with BigFoot. He put him in a children’s seek-and-fi nd book and showed that BigFoot isn’t just hiding out in the Pacific Northwest wood. He’s all over the world!Miller also wanted to use BigFoot as a way to help teach children about the world.

Now, Miller has a line of BigFoot search-and-find books, plus activity books, and a seven-foot-tall BigFoot mascot who accompanies Miller on library visits, trade show events, and author appearances. This is all part of his ongoing commitment to bolstering child literacy and education.

In Miller’s latest release, BigFoot Goes on Great Adventures, BigFoot is exploring the Amazon Rainforest, climbing the Himalayas, discovering the Great Barrier Reef, going on expedition in Antarctica, exploring Madagascar, and more. “Each spread includes interesting and educational information about the different places BigFoot visits,” says Miller. “It’s not just an activity book. It’s a way to teach children about the world through recreational learning.

The BigFoot brand continues to branch out by working closely with the largest library associations in the country, book fairs and schools, as well as independent book sellers and retailers to help bring these books to young readers as a new and fun way to learn and discover the world we live in.

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