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14 Jan - 2020

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Preschool animation Kit and Kate, a hit on Rai Yoyo, is now the inspiration for sticker and magic albums from Edizioni PlayPress

Kit and Kate, the delightful blue kittens and stars of their very own animated series showing 12 times a day on Rai Yoyo, are on their way to a number of new publications from Edizioni PlayPress.

The cartoon, aimed at preschool children, has a made a great TV debut and continues to have a very high viewing share – and the licensing campaign, managed in Italy by Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL), is doing well too. In fact, even before the broadcast of the series, MDL had signed a key licensing partner.

Edizioni PlayPress, a company known for quality materials and the integration of innovative technologies, has created a high-quality and engaging Kit and Kate publishing line for preschool children. It includes the Magic Album, with a pen that reveals colours, a Magic Sticker album that combines the magic of an album with lots of stickers, a Stickers and Colours book and a Magic Wow! book. All these publications are now on sale.

Kit and Kate are two kittens who play in a magic box that transports them to new worlds in which they have amazing adventures. Kit and Kate appeal to both children and families through their adventure-filled stories, their sense of fun and, at the same time, the important educational message that underlies every single episode.

The series was created by Toonbox Animation, a boutique studio based in Cyprus, and boasts writers who have worked on major animated movies and series such as Shrek 2, Madagascar, Sesame Street and Octonauts. The creative team behind Kit and Kate have produced a series that combines superb animation with simple and captivating storytelling.

As well as Italy, Kit and Kate is on air in Eastern Europe, the US, Russia, Finland, Benelux, Portugal, the Middle East and Africa. Other countries are expected to follow. Two series of 104 episodes in total are available or in production; season 2 is currently being finalised and will be completed before the end of 2019.

Maurizio Distefano, MDL President, commented: “Among our main strengths, recognized by foreign licensors, is our ability to look ahead and anticipate market trends, spotting the potential of new and developing brands before they gain mainstream acceptance. With Kit and Kate we can safely say that we have been ahead of the curve and that our licensing program for the brand can only grow as the show wins more and more young fans.”

Pavel Muntyan, CEO of Toonbox Animation Studio, commented: ” We are delighted that MDL has believed in this project from the very beginning and aims to ensure that Kit and Kate fully develops its potential in Italy. We are sure that the success that Maurizio and his team have enjoyed with other brands in Italy will be repeated with Kit and Kate.”

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