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17 Dec - 2019

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XControllers and the Spanish YouTube Gaming stars have designed an amazing Chupa Chups controller!

The most popular Spanish YouTube gamers of the moment have teamed up to create a limited edition of Chupa Chups controllers in a vibrant pop design.

They have picked a comic artwork of Chupa Chups and gave it the final personal touch by choosing the colour of their favorite flavor: Cola for Grefg, orange for Alphasniper97, and strawberry for Torete.

The result is three amazing PS4 controls manufactured by one of the most prestigious companies in the gaming sector: X Controllers. The professional and premium controllers contain the latest technology and the most sophisticated machinery. They are submitted to a complete modification process done by X Controller with strict quality controls, making them truly unique controls in the world!

The X Controllers by Chupa Chups can be bought at xcontrollers.es and will be shipped around the world in about one week, together with a tasty lollipop of the selected flavor!

In addition, there is the option to customize the controller even further: a Chupa Chups logo is also available in the online store to customize any controller with the iconic daisy logo designed by the artist Salvador Dalí.

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