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5 Dec - 2019

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Unicorn-mania hits the market!

Contribution by Rossella Arena

From duvet covers to cups, shoes and much, much more, the image of the unicorn is highly adaptable – and very successfully used in every sector of commerce. Here we look at some of the unicorn-themed products a number of brands are planning for the autumn-winter 2019/2020 season.

The unicorn is a universal symbol of something magic and unique, qualities that many of us would love to have as part of our daily lives. Perhaps that’s why so many brands are inspired by this mythical animal – and why quite a few have unicorn-related news to share in the coming months.

Mattel, a leading name in the world of toys, has a number of different unicorns in its catalogue. The most recent is the interactive magic unicorn from the enchanted Dreamtopia kingdom, sold with a Barbie Princess Doll. Stroking the unicorn’s body or giving it one of its snacks (a carrot, ice cream cone or apple)activates sounds and lights. For example, give him the ice cream, and you can hear him munching. Touch the horn and you can watch him light up. He’ll doze to the sound of a sweet lullaby. Hold him tight and you can hear the sound of galloping or see a star-shaped light effect. Another great little journey into magic is promised by the five Crystal Creatures, enchanted creatures, each of which is enclosed in a pearly egg that has a special glittery liquid inside. Two are unicorns: Night Sky and Aquagem. They can be rebuilt and reassembled, making them ideal to collect.

Lelly Kelly, an established Italian brand of shoes for girls, is offering an elegant accessory in the shape of a unicorn as a new addition to its line. Colorissima shoes are equipped with interchangeable straps, which little girls can colour to their liking. What better symbol of the unicorn, known for its passion for rainbows, than to encourage young women to express themselves through their love of colours?

Seven SpA, a leading Italian manufacturer of backpacks and bags, has chosen images and themes related to the world of fantasy and unicorns for its new, very versatile Seven Jackpack backpacks With this model the unicorn can not only be worn on the shoulders but also, because the front of the backpack is detachable by zip, as a vest.

Legami, a multi-faceted and creative Italian company, has many products dedicated to unicorns in a portfolio that includes stationery, mirrors and small format cosmetics, among them the bike horn unicorn trumpet bell, and a cappuccino mug.

Unicorns can transform the home into an enchanted space, as the French furniture brand Maisons du Monde knows well. Its unicorn theme includes candles, doorstops, armchairs, small watering cans and lamps. Among the latest products is a wonderfully comforting piece of furniture for a girl’s bedroom: a 30 x 50 pillow in the shape of a unicorn.

Thun, an Italian company known for its distinctive ceramic items, has among its latest output a unicorn line. In addition to ceramic unicorns in various poses and sizes, the company has ceramic cups and earrings dedicated to the unicorn, and a key ring in plated zamak and brass.

Kiabi, a French fashion company, also offers a rich selection of unicorn products, including recyclable straws made of cardboard, storage cubes, umbrellas, backpacks and caps. Among the new products there are 100% cotton pyjamas for women and girls, featuring unicorn images and messages of love, both sincere and light-hearted. In one of the new pyjamas the company also references the trend for caticorns –kittens with a horn and unicorn wings. Duvet cover and pillowcase designs are continually refreshed with new patterns. Many items are limited edition and can be purchased exclusively online.

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