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4 Dec - 2019

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The Lil’Gleemerz have arrived in Mattel’s big family to bring joy and fun to the world

Lil’Gleemerz are nice interactive characters that will give unique and magical moments of play: in fact, touching them in different sensitive points of their body, such as the tail or the nose, the Lil’Gleemerz will come alive, in a party of lights and sounds to be discovered!

These new cute creatures are available in two variants:

Lil’ Gleemerz – Interactive characters

Eden yuen

Three different characters with a very strong sensitivity: it is in fact only by touching different parts of their bodies that you can discover up to 100 different reactions (melted, kisses, smells, hilarious phrases, sparkling lights that flash and even games). Lil’ Gleemerz™ are interactive toys that make the game and friendship shine with their bright rainbow-colored tails, sparkling eyes, funny sounds and bizarre phrases! Touching the nose gives way to the fun, in fact the Lil’Gleemerz comes alive in three modes: interaction, party of lights and play. In Interaction Mode, stroking or pinching the tail of the cute creature will purr, grunt, tell jokes or say funny phrases. In the Feast of Lights Mode, clapping your hands or with a little music will light up your eyes and tail following the rhythm with a bright show. Finally, in Game Mode, you can play three different games by interacting with the lights that move on the tail of your new little friend (Catch the kiss, Tail Tennis and The Beautiful Statuettes)! The little ones can have fun with the long rainbow tail that lights up to the rhythm of music or even with the simple clap of hands. The Lil’Gleemerz also love to cuddle: just caress the head and the sweet creature will not only purr and send kisses, but will pronounce many sweet and funny phrases, while his big eyes will light up!

Lilโ€™Gleemerz Babies

Erik Kuang

This is the mini version of Lil Gleemerz: there are 6 characters to collect. You can discover more than 25 different reactions: pressing the nose the Lil’ Gleemerz Babies makes many funny sounds and his belly lights up in different colors. If put upside down and agitated, the puppy will purr and make many nice sounds!ย  Obviously even in this case could not miss a long tail in soft rainbow color!

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