“Compound Crazy” is one of the most important current trends, as was announced at the last Toy Fair in New York in February 2019

A contribution by Kristin Morency Goldman, The Toy Association, USA

Toy companies are taking it up a notch with compounds this year, offering kids a variety of new and exciting ways to play with reusable substances like slime, kinetic sand, dough, putty, and more. 

Building on the slime craze that ramped up a couple of years ago, compounds can now be found in all types of toys – from collectibles and family games to science experiments and more,” said Adrienne Appell, senior trend expert at The Toy Association in the United States. “Not only are compounds tactile and fun, they allow kids to familiarize themselves with different textures and styles of design and construction.”

According to The Genius of Play, The Toy Association’s nonprofit initiative dedicated to raising awareness of play’s vital role in child development, playing with dough, sand, foam, and other compounds builds physical as well as cognitive skills in children. The act of kneading and squishing exercises little muscles and joints and lowers anxiety and stress, while the open-ended nature of compound play nurtures curiosity, logical thinking, and creativity. 

“Compound Crazy” was one of the hottest toy trends of the year announced by The Toy Association at Toy Fair New York in February. Read on for some product examples that will be exciting and delighting kids all year long:

  • Goo Goo Galaxy dolls (Moose Toys): Goo Goo Galaxy is a new collectible line of quirky, outer space aliens. With four characters to collect, each come with unique intergalactic themes and have squishy, slimy bodies that are fun to squeeze and include a special DIY slime activity.
  • Nickelodeon Sweet Creations Slime (Cra-Z-Art): Mix and make slime versions of your favorite sweet treats — such as frosting, cookie dough, cake batter, etc. — that look like the real thing. The kit comes complete with everything kids need to make the slime including glue, activator, and colorant.
  • Kinetic SandSandbox Set (Spin Master): Creative possibilities are endless with the Kinetic Sand Sandcastle that includes one pound of blue sand, three molds, a beach tool, and a sandbox to play in. Kinetic Sand never dries out and is easy to clean up. 
  • Make Your Own Glitter Face Mask (Klutz): Kids can treat themselves to a selfie-worthy face mask, customized with fresh ingredients and lots of glitter! Use the specially formulated peel-off gooey mask mix or one of the included sheet masks to make up to five masks. After the mask has dried, peel it off to leave your face feeling fresh (and glitter-free).
  • National Geographic Super Slime & Putty Lab (Brainfuel Toys): Kids can play and learn with four different kinds of slime and putty that they won’t be able to put down. These tactile toys come with accessories to make your own slime and light up your glow-in-the-dark putty. Explore the science behind slime and putty with the 16-page, full-color Learning Guide.

Here are some examples of exciting products that will delight children all year round: