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27 Nov - 2019

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All new licensing acquisitions of the brand

Topo Gigio

The most beloved Italian mouse ever, created by Maria Perego, is ready to return to the small screen!

Since his Italian television debut in the Alta Fedeltà programme, dubbed by the famous Domenico Modugno, his fame has soon become international. His success took him from Italy to Switzerland and then to London and the United States where he was a regular guest at Ed Sullivan for years.

From September 2020 he will return to Rai YoYo as the protagonist of a brand new cartoon, produced by Movimenti Production, where Gigio and his friends will face many adventures!


More and more cinema in the Wildbrain CPLG portfolio! Founded in 1979 in Hollywood, Miramax is one of the most important film production companies. Among its most famous titles are the famous Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Scary Movie.

Authentic Brands Group LLC

Wildbrain CPLG’s portfolio becomes even more “VIP” with the entry of three important celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali.

Marilyn Monroe is the diva par excellence, synonymous with elegance, beauty and sensuality. Elvis Presley, the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ is a timeless icon. He was one of the most famous singers of the twentieth century, a source of inspiration for many musicians and performers of rock and roll. Muhammad Ali, nicknamed The Greatest, is one of the best boxers of all time, among the greatest and most appreciated athletes in history.

EMOJI the Iconic Brand

The digital icons, symbol and phenomenon of the 21st century, colour the portfolio of Wildbrain CPLG! Emoji The Iconic Brand is one of the lifestyle brand most recognizable and influential in the world. It has developed the largest library of icons on the planet, over 17,000, protected by copyright laws and usable for licenses, promotions, events and marketing and advertising campaigns.


DHX Media, launches the new animated series pre-school Rev&Roll that tells the adventures of Rev, an eight-year-old boy and his best friend Rumble, an anthropomorphic truck with bright colors that has all the personality of a faithful and enthusiastic dog! In Italy it is present on the Cartoonito channel from Sunday to Friday at 6.50 pm.

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Epic Storyworlds has acquired the full original IP catalogue from Frima, the prominent video game studio based in Québec. Under the deal, Epic Storyworlds now holds the rights to Frima’s full line-up of over original 20 brands, including Chariot, Nun Attack, Fated,...

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