27 Nov - 2019

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Cioccolatitaliani turns into the real Pasticceria di Barbie: discover the goodness of three special sweets in Via San Raffaele 6 in Milan!

Erica Liverani, winner of the fifth edition of Masterchef, and her daughter Emma present in a special video the collaboration between Barbie and Cioccolatitaliani, which for 30 days will become the real Barbie Confectionery, with three sweet specialties in limited edition!

Barbie has become an icon over the years: the doll is not only a model of femininity, but also wants to be a reference point for the dreams of girls around the world! Thanks to Barbie and the whole world of accessories, girls can have fun with their imagination and identify with different roles and careers! Among the many new features of the brand stands out a playset that is driving crazy all those who want to become real experts in the kitchen: we are talking about the Pasticceria di Barbie.

To celebrate this novelty, a sweet collaboration between Barbie and Cioccolatitaliani is coming. In December, the Cioccolatitaliani headquarters in via San Raffaele 6 in Milan will be transformed into the real Barbie pastry shop: it will be possible to taste three delicious specialities made by Cioccolati Italiani and obviously dedicated to the Barbie rose. The menu of Italian Chocolate is enriched with a tasty shortbread tart, garnished with wild berries jam and Ruby chocolate ganache, an Èclair Craquelin with Ruby custard with raspberries and chantilly always with Ruby chocolate and finally a delicious mini sacher with dark chocolate biscuit, prenz and chocolate frosting Ruby. The Barbie rose will then be the protagonist of the corner dedicated to this collaboration, to get inside the Barbie Confectionery and order these three sweet novelties.

To present this sweet collaboration, with the creative support of Living Brands, a special video has been created where the protagonists are a mother and a daughter who know about pastry: Erica Liverani, winner of Masterchef, and her daughter Emma! In the video, the two are immersed in the world of Barbie, which literally infected the Italian Chocolate Shop in Via San Raffaele. Here, in fact, they are welcomed by a pastry chef from the shop who gives them her hat and jacket and invites them to prepare the sweets together. Little Emma is thus guided by the expert hand of her mother to create the three new Barbie for all customers of the store.

The result? A fun and tasty day: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=489302365009422

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