Vitavigor creates VitaPop dedicated to the release of the highly anticipated Disney film

Vitavigor, historical company of the “Super Grissin de Milan”, dedicates to the animation film “Frozen 2” its VitaPop, snacks in version Bellows light, crispy and tasty, ideal for mothers and children. The Milanese company will be the producer in Italy and Europe of snacks related to the film, followed by the most profitable Disney animated film ever released in Italian theaters on November 27.

Celebrate the highly anticipated release of “Frozen 2” with a line of products specifically dedicated to the sequel to the most engaging and successful Disney animated film of all time, expected by hundreds of millions of people around the world. This is the goal that has pushed Vitavigor, one of the most representative Italian companies of snacks and breadsticks of high quality worldwide with over 60 years of history, to create the new VitaPop, tasty and healthy snacks for all available in the version Soffietti al mais, ready to conquer the palates of young and old and to fill with flavor and energy every moment of the day: from snacks at school with classmates to snacks at the office, from “tearing up the rule” of the diet to lunches, aperitifs and dinners with friends and family. Building on the great sales success of the Vitastick line, launched in 2018 in collaboration with Disney, Vitavigor will produce “Frozen 2” branded products for Italy and Europe in the snack/bread replacement segment. Vitavigor‘s innovative snack is distinguished by the most innovative shape on the market, perfect for enhancing the “single bite” experience, transforming every bite into a fun taste experience. Tasty, light and surprising, VitaPop are made with a new recipe specially created by the company of “Super Grissin de Milan” with the use of corn flour and the inevitable 100% extra virgin olive oil. The bearing shape of VitaPop is an exclusive prerogative that perfectly combines taste with lightness in a single element. The Bellows, the result of Vitavigor‘s great experience, which has created the perfect mix of excellent raw materials and a unique production process for the creation of a simple and healthy product, are available in corn flavour. But that’s not all, inside the VitaPop multi-pack, which with a total weight of 120g contains 6 sachets of 20g each, there will also be a fantastic surprise themed “Frozen 2“: a nice and colorful tattoo with 25 images of the characters of the film to collect.