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20 Nov - 2019

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Dolfin and Paluani have created a series of bakery products dedicated to the Mattel brands that will win the palates of all children

Christmas is the time of year that children like the most, not only because waiting for them under the tree are the beautiful gifts requested in the letters, but also because, to sweeten the atmosphere, there are many different sweets and delicacies, which can not miss in the period from Christmas to Epiphany. In this delicious festive context, the confectionery products Dolfin and Paluani dedicated to the Mattel brands will conquer everyone.


Barbie and Hot Wheels Advent Calendar: waiting for Christmas becomes a pleasure thanks to the advent calendars of Barbie and Hot Wheels. Children can not only discover and enjoy the 24 chocolates hidden behind the windows, but also have fun colouring the dedicated design on the back of the pack!

Hats with Barbie and Hot Wheels sweets: for those who love to dress up, Santa Claus hats dedicated to Barbie and Hot Wheels are coming. Both models could only be accompanied by the delicious Dolfin confectionery products.

Socks: not to be missed for the Epiphany are undoubtedly the socks with Dolfin sweets, which will cheer up the little ones after the passage of the Befana! Dolfin socks will satisfy everyone’s taste: the assortment in fact consists of mini and maxi socks of Barbie and Hot Wheels and medium size dedicated not only to Barbie and Hot Wheels, but also to The Thomas Train, Sam the Fireman and Enchantimals. In addition, all the stockings contain fantastic surprises!

Netting with chocolate coins: the most precious coins for children have the taste of chocolate. Dolfin dedicates to the Thomas train and to Barbie a net containing sweet chocolate coins!

Bags with Barbie sweets: Dolfin has also thought of the greediest girls who do not give up being always fashionable. Coming under the tree 3 super glamorous models of handbags with sweets for the most fashionable girls, to be at the same time “sweet and fashion” even under the tree!

Hollow chocolate panettoncino: For those who love chocolate, this Christmas you can enjoy the pleasure of the panettoncino 100% chocolate by Dolfin! Made for both Barbie and Hot Wheels, this panettone is made entirely of chocolate: a delight for the palate. The heart of this panettone? A fantastic surprise!

Anti-slip socks with sweets: for Hot Wheels and Barbie Dolfin has also created some nice and colorful anti-slip socks. Children will be able to keep their feet warm while they enjoy the Dolfin sweets in the box!



Pandorino with Barbie surprise: a tasty and soft pandoro Paluani in mini version for all small Barbie fans. Inside the package you could not miss a fantastic surprise dedicated to the most famous doll ever: fantastic extensions for fantastic hairstyles in the latest fashion!

Hot Wheels panettoncino with surprise: And for the boys could not miss the Hot Wheels panettoncino under the tree, also by Paluani. True challenge lovers can not only enjoy this delicious cake with chocolate drops in mini format, but also have fun with the flaming toy car included in the package.

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