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20 Nov - 2019

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New products from Nenuco, PinyPon, Feber and The Bellies

For Christmas 2019, Famosa, a leading company in the field of toys, offers many new products for its brands Nenuco, PinyPon and Feber. In addition, the family expands with the irresistible The Bellies, lively and fun interactive siblings with different personalities and surprises to discover.


4 irresistible interactive dolls from Bellyville with different personalities to discover. By removing the umbilical cord, their hearts will begin to beat and begin to speak their own language. They have a special desire that distinguishes them and a nice surprise in the diaper. Pinky-Twinky loves pink and is the most naughty and doesn’t stand still for a moment and causes a lot of trouble; Muak-Muak, on the other hand, is the most cuddly and loves to send beautiful kisses, his color is purple and speaks a strange language different from that of all the others. Yumi – Yummy loves the color orange and is definitely the most greedy never leave the refrigerator unattended in his presence! Finally, Bobby – Boo the craziest fool who does a lot of jokes and scares everyone, his favorite color is blue.


Nenuco Glitter Hairdresser: the most sparkling and fashionable of Nenuco dolls! She sits in the cat-shaped armchair and like real hairdressers, with her tablet she can see her favorite series while doing funny hairstyles! She has beautiful long blond hair with pink highlights! In addition, it includes magic scissors that transform the hair into glitter that then return to normal with the comb! There are many accessories with which the girls can feel from the real hair stylist as: the hair spray, the brush and drawers to store all the tools of the trade.

Nenuco Sara: is the new doll that looks like a real girl: enriched by 11 functions it smells like a real baby and can move freely thanks to legs, arms and articulated neck. She closes her eyes when she sleeps, eats baby food, drinks from her bottle, pees in her potty and pops it in her diaper. Her bottom gets irritated and turns red, she really cries and makes bubbles with her mouth. Every child will feel like a real mother and will be able to take care of the sweet Neuco Sara!

Nenuco Mal di Gola: Nenuco’s throat hurts and the girls will have to take care of her! With the dummy heat they can check if she has a fever, with the light they will check if she is red. To make her heal in the box they will find her lemon drops, ointment and aerosol to make her breathe better!


My Lovely Lama: the blade you know is the coolest animal of the moment and that of Feber By Famosa is no exception: you can ride and is easy to drive and carry thanks to its reins. If you hug him by so many little kisses and his cheeks turn red! My Lovely Lama is the most cuddly gift of Christmas 2019.

Feber Super Digger 12v: is the electric excavator of Famous House, similar to the real ones with realistic details every child can kick off his own construction site! It’s easy to drive and the dashboard levers allow you to change the direction of movement of the electric arm while the buttons will move it back and forth.

Frozen 2 Car: Waiting to return to Arendelle’s kingdom at the cinema, Feber has created the incredible electric single-seater Frozen 2 with pedal accelerator, engine brake and reverse gear.


PinyPon Cool Caravan: The new PinyPon cool caravan is ideal for a beautiful journey with all the comforts! The multifunctional roof turns into a fantastic swimming pool, an incredible strobe ball is ideal for parties while the barbecue will ensure good food for everyone.

PinyPon school of magic: the entrance door opens by magic with the broom and some traps protect the secrets of the magical world. The school has: class to create potions with smoke and lights, herbalist room, room with magic balls to read the future, gym for flight lessons and space to train pets.


Abominable’s ultra-soft plush available in 3 heights. (18cm, 25cm and 50cm)

Curious tender furry like George. (18cm, 28cm and 50cm)

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