20 Nov - 2019

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At the end of this intense year full of celebrations Barbie presents a book, “60 Sogni di Barbie”, which tells girls about real models, extraordinary women who have pursued their dreams and have made their way in the world

They played us entire generations of girls, embarked on more than 200 careers, at least twenty colors of hair and clothes for each occasion. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Barbie celebrates globally the widest scale of women’s models, women who come from different backgrounds and sectors and who break the mould becoming a source of inspiration for the next generation of women.

As Ruth Handler says: “What inspired me in the creation of Barbie was the desire that, through the doll, the girls could imagine they were all they wanted.” Since 1959, in fact, the mission of the brand is to value the infinite potential of girls so that they are aware that they can reach any goal. For its 60th anniversary, with a dedicated research program, Barbie has put the spotlight on the “Dream Gap“: the phenomenon that occurs in girls around the age of 5 and that leads them to lose confidence in their abilities. In fact, in spite of their male peers, around this age the girls stop believing they can undertake some careers. With the aim of increasing awareness and attention to the factors that currently cause this phenomenon, Barbie has launched the campaign #ChiudiamoIlDreamGap in order to raise awareness of family, school and society on this issue.

At the end of this intense year full of celebrations, Barbie presents a book, “60 Sogni di Barbie“, which tells girls about real models, extraordinary women who have chased their dreams and made their way around the world.  Gabriella Bensa, the author, has collected for the occasion the lives of sixty extraordinary Italian girls, whimsical and very, very determined.

Creativity, passion, determination, inspiration, courage: every woman who appears here has her own story and has used one of these five ingredients to overcome her own limits.

The journalist Gabriella Bensa transports us into the creative world of Alberta Ferretti, into the will power of Bebe Vio, into the vocation of the war doctor Chiara Castellani or into the courage of the first aviator Fiorenza De Bernardi.

Even the most famous doll in the world, in the lofts and bedrooms of many children, has done all these jobs. And she continues to inspire dreams, to nourish the imagination of children.

60 Sogni di Barbie is not only a book of interviews, not only tells, but also offers advice on how to train courage, how to observe others, how to cultivate a generous attitude and not lose enthusiasm.

“Don’t be distracted, don’t give up, don’t complain, but treasure the experience”: when Barbie was sixty years old, she became wise enough to be not only a model, but the funny guide for a generation of women who want to make themselves and their dreams come true.

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