5 Nov - 2019

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Highly original kids’ animated series offers a funny, clever new take on monster hunters

Toon2Tango, the new kids and family entertainment venture headed up by long-time television and movie industry experts Ulli Stoef and Jo Daris, has announced a major new distribution deal – for a clever, highly original and very entertaining animated series for kids that offers a brand-new take on the concept of monster hunters.

Monster Park is an animated 52 x 11’ adventure-comedy about three kids who are being trained as monster hunters by their tough old grandfather, Arthur, who has many years in the business. So far, so (relatively) normal.

But these kids – a cool, clever and tough young teen called Edith, a monster-phobic monster expert called Ernest (he’s 10) and a fearless and often reckless five-year-old called Bo – are massive, all-knowing horror fans. They love dangerous paranormal creatures and want to protect them – and take selfies with them if possible! Arthur, however, prefers to capture monsters and keep them in suspended animation in a prison in his basement, so he and the kids don’t always see eye-to-eye on monster welfare.

There’s fun, excitement and humour in this smart and funny show as well as action, character-driven comedy and a big heart. There are also bigger themes, like families, relationships, coping with our fears, being positive and of course the generation gap, but all delivered with wit, energy and stylish, skilled animation.

And there are lot and lots of monsters. Power-sucking energy birds, huge mountain creatures, ghosts, werewolves, sorcerers, and of course Dracula – they’re all there, along with a lot of very competitive monster hunters from all over the world, and the kids trying to get in their way.

The new show is co-produced by Zentropa Belgium, and JA Film. Zentropa Belgium is part of a highly respected content house specifically set up to develop, produce and co-produce international, innovative projects for existing and new audiences. It takes a pan-European approach to filmmaking. JA film is a full-service production company specialized in animation, visual effects and motion graphics.

Monster Park has already made a very strong impression at Cartoon Forum, a unique event focusing on pitching sessions of pre-selected TV projects, where animation producers can find cross-border partners and speed up financial arrangements. Now it has as its distribution partner one of the most exciting new kids and family entertainment ventures in Europe in the form of Toon2Tango.

This announcement comes at a time of impressive growth for Toon2Tango, which, soon after launch, announced a major strategic cooperation agreement with Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content.

Toon2Tango also has a number of properties in development or ready for sale, including the tween-focused Rebel Nature, along with Hey Fuzzy Yellow, Aliens vs Cavemen and Redd, while its distribution arm is building a sales network for a number of third-party representations, including, of course, Monster Park. Many more announcements, including new projects and new distribution deals, are expected from Toon2Tango in the coming months.

Jo Daris says: “This is a wildly inventive story which takes on the popular themes of monsters and monster hunters but does so in a new and very appealing way with the help of some extraordinary characters, fantastically witty writing and stylish animation. We’re delighted to be on board with Monster Park, which we feel will have enormous appeal to kids everywhere.”

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