According to NPD data, Mattel was the company with the highest growth among the top 5 companies in Europe in the third quarter of 2019

Mattel released its third quarter results, which saw the company continue its recent progress with gross global sales of $1,656.9 million, up 3% “as reported” and up 4% in constant currency. EMEA was one of the most performing regions in the business as a whole, with sales growing by 15% compared to an 8% decline in the same quarter last year, despite the industry’s decline in the region.

Based on this, in the third quarter of 2019, Mattel was the fastest growing company among the top 5 companies in Europe. The strong performance was driven mainly by results in key countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Spain, as well as improved performance in several other EMEA markets.

Gross sales in the global Dolls category, which recently saw the launch of Creatable World, the first line of dolls designed to overcome gender stereotypes, increased by 5% “as reported” and 7% in constant currency. Global gross sales of Barbie increased by 10%, “as reported”, and 12% in constant currency. The Barbie brand is experiencing double-digit growth in its EMEA core.

Another main brand, Hot Wheels: has achieved global gross sales growth of 25%, “as reported”, and 27% in constant currency, with the brand growing double-digit in many European markets also thanks to the success of the new line of Monster Trucks in the region.

Further positive notes come from the categories Action Figures, Constructions and Games: these categories, combined, have gross global sales up 12% “as reported” and up 13% in constant currency, resulting in double-digit growth for the category Games in EMEA.