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4 Nov - 2019

Tags from the story: Enchantimals.

Even more magical and fun with the Caffetteria Dolci Momenti and the Barca Avventure Tropicali!

Friendship and fun are the main features of the world of Enchantimals: a group of lovely and adorable friends, who live in the Enchanted Forest in the company of their inseparable puppy friends, with whom they share unique and special characteristics and skills. In this magical world, adventure and lots of fun are not to be missed, united by the extraordinary power of friendship. In the new land of Enchantiland, the fabulous Tropical Jungle has arrived two wonderful news among the Enchantimals, which will give all girls unforgettable moments of play, within environments with a tropical taste.

Enchantimals Barca Avventure Tropicali:

It is not just a boat, but a real colorful cruise ship, decorated with details inspired by the Tropical Jungle. The set includes many accessories including a tropical umbrella, a lantern suspended from one of the branches of the ship, a telescope and two mattresses. Children can have fun telling about fantastic trips with the doll Merit the Monkey and his little friend Compass puppy, around Enchantiland. The dolls are included in the package, ready to explore the Tropical Jungle with their hats and baby carriers strictly themed safari!

Enchantimals Caffetteria Dolci Momenti:

A space reserved for sweetness could not be missing and that’s why the Caffetteria delle Enchantimals is here! The new playset “Sweet Moments” is set in the Tropical Jungle and has seven play areas, on two different levels. On the ground floor there is a counter, where Enchatimals friends can order their favourite snacks and spend time with friends, thanks not only to the seats with tables, but also to a comfortable and swinging hammock. Going up the stairs to the first floor, under a lush foliage of tropical leaves, you can directly access the kitchen, with sink and kiosk for smoothies, while, crossing the bridge, you can reach a lovely terrace, where you can prepare sweet tropical drinks. Thanks to a special cable car that runs around the cafeteria, little Sheeny, aboard an adorable basket, can help his friend Peeki the parrot to deliver orders in a fluttering of wings. The set includes the doll Peeki the parrot, her friend Sheeny the puppy and many accessories.

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