29 Oct - 2019

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Studio 100 Media has announced a slate of pre-sales for Season Two of the revived CGI animated series HEIDI

Based on the popular children’s book “Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning” by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, the vibrant and charming series is set to once again enthrall children with its gentle storyline, timeless values and rich visual flavor.

In addition to TF1 (France), who is also a co-production partner, the latest broadcasters to join HEIDI include Canal Panda (Portugal), TVPabc (Poland), MTVA (Hungary), RTVS (Slovakia), ProPlus (Slovenia) and LRT (Lithuania).

Produced by Studio 100 Animation SAS and targeted at 5 to 8-year olds, the series follows the adventures of Heidi a happy, charismatic and communicative orphan-girl.  She lives with her grandfather in the scenic idyll of the Swiss Alps.  Heidi makes friends quickly, and people know that they can call on her for help.  She loves the freedom of life on the Alp, but she also learns how to take on responsibility.  Her blithe nature means that she can show others how to grow with the challenges that everyday life presents and still be happy.  Heidi’s honest demeanor and natural charm means that she can instill in others both courage and a joy of life.

Dorian Buhr, Head of Distribution at Studio 100 Media commented, “Heidi is a truly wonderful family brand with a great track record.  We are delighted with the pre-sales and our deals with these broadcast partners will ensure that HEIDI will continue to be popular and win a new generation of fans”.

HEIDI Season 2 will be completed by December this year, just in time for the launch of the HEIDI toy range from Playmobil.  Playmobil will launch HEIDI figures, various play sets and more product innovations around the CGI series from January 2020 onwards. Additionally, Studio 100 produces HEIDI CGI specials in close cooperation with Playmobil, featuring the HEIDI characters in the typical Playmobil toy look.

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