We are excited to confirm a promotional partnership for Flossy and Jim with the retail café chain LELECHA in China over the Halloween holidays

Founded in 2016, LELECHA is a high-end tea brand and has gone on to be one of the most popular tea franchises.

Their signature zangzangcha (black sugar milk tea) is sold alongside “dirty” buns for a messy yet delicious dining experience.

LELECHA uses the best original leaf tea and fresh fruits and makes everything on site offering “premium tea with soul”.

A jointly branded Flossy and Jim and LELECHA product range using the slogan ‘my happy place’ will feature on bags, apparel, phone covers, mugs, notebooks, cushions and badges will launch in their flagship store in Shanghai and will run from the 28th October to 3rd November.

Flossy and Jim has been created by Lynette and James, two artists living by the sea in Devon in the UK.

Their mission from the beginning has been to help young people feel positive and supported in life using bright & bold designs with humorous slogans.

They both regularly present workshops in schools talking to pupils encouraging & inspiring them to believe in themselves.

LELECHA is a high-end tea brand of “Tea Drink + Soft Bun”.

It originally created Cheese Fresh Fruit Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Dirty Choco Bun and Starry Custard Bun.

LELECHA is committed to refreshing consumers and the world’s understanding of the Chinese tea drinking culture.