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28 Oct - 2019

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Christmas is approaching and it is important to be prepared to surprise girls and boys with fantastic gifts that can fulfill the wishes of the letters for Santa Claus

Thanks to the products offered by Mattel licensees, everyone can find the perfect gift to put under the tree, choosing from a series of fun toys that can meet the desires of all the little ones! Barbie, fashion icon and undisputed queen of dolls for all girls, offers her little fans a series of products to unleash creativity, imitation and imagination. Boys will be able to race towards new adrenaline-pumping challenges with the new Hot Wheels by MondoMotors Radio Controlled Vehicles, the brand new electric tracks distributed by Grandi Giochi.

Grandi Giochi

Grandi Giochi offers a series of products dedicated to Barbie with which girls can have fun imagining themselves in different roles at different times in their company. Lovers of four-wheeled challenges will find in the electric tracks of Grandi Giochi dedicated to Hot Wheels the perfect answer to their thirst for adventure!

  • RAINBOW SPARKLE Deluxe Barbie Styling Head

Rainbow styling head by Barbie is perfect for all girls who like to style their hair, make up and always have a fashionable look. The arms and head can move.

  • Magic Knitwear by Barbie

Thanks to this fantastic knitwear, girls can create clothes and fashion accessories using all their imagination. Also included in the package is a beautiful Barbie with a nice dress.

  • Barbie Coffee Shop

With this set Great Games the girls can feel like real owners of a colorful coffee shop, where you can not miss sweet muffins and tasty coffee, for sweet moments of play in the company.

  • Barbie Cash Register

Now an evergreen of Christmas, with which girls can imagine to run a shop of super glamorous clothing thanks to this strictly pink cash register, which works for real! The set includes over 50 accessories, including credit cards, special discounts and facsimile coins.

  • Hot Wheels Electric Tracks

Grandi Giochi has a proposal in store even for the most reckless: the fantastic electric tracks dedicated to Hot Wheels arrive! Available in different formats, for new flaming challenges await the most daring who can see the vehicles included in the package hurtling on the intricate tracks!

Lisciani Giochi

Lisciani also dedicates to Barbie a series of fantastic products that will give girls the opportunity to better express their creativity.

  • Barbie’s holiday home

With this set the girls can build the real holiday home of Barbie made of paper, so the girls can easily assemble and customize house and accessories and discover the different environments that make up it including a fantastic pool, veranda and barbecue area. It could not miss, included in the package, a Barbie!

  • Creates 1000 Barbie Jewelry Set

The largest collection of beads in the world of Barbie; a rich kit that includes pendants, beads in various sizes, ribbons, stickers, and many other accessories to indulge in various creations! In addition, the girls can find a beautiful chest of drawers where to store all the jewelry made!

  • Be a Star! Make Up Trousse by Barbie

Two fantastic bags containing eyeshadows, lip gloss and a fantastic lipstick will inspire new looks to the little make up artists, who can have fun making up with friends, to prepare for the most glamorous moments!


ODS also dedicates to the world of Hot Wheels two fantastic products that can not miss in the game kits of lovers of 4 wheels!

  • Hot Wheels mats

An incredible carpet 180 x 120 cm on which the most ardent lovers of 4 wheels will be able to speed their own Hot Wheels. Available in 2 variants, an original Hot Wheels vehicle is included in the package!

  • Hot Wheels Conveyor

For those who love challenges on the go this car carrier with practical ODS handle is ideal: a real car cases in which are included three vehicles Hot Wheels and numerous road signs. The fun doesn’t end there: the car transporter is also equipped with a car chute, to let your vehicles speed at full throttle! Available in different models and sizes.

Mondo Motors

Mondo Motors could not miss in the portfolio of products for Christmas, dedicating to Hot Wheels a line of radio controlled vehicles different in shape and functionality, for a breathtaking fun that will drive crazy the most daring lovers of 4 wheels. The Mondo Motors range of radio-controlled cars boasts several and numerous vehicles, which stand out not only for their bright colours, but also for their different performances and scales. In addition to the line of radio-controlled vehicles, this year there will be a new range of vehicles with lights and sounds for endless fun!

Not only boys will be able to play with radio-controlled vehicles, Mondo in fact launched for this Christmas a beautiful radio-controlled Barbie car, 43 cm long, to live fantastic adventures with your doll.

  • Simba

Simba takes the girls to the enchanted world of Enchantimals with some products dedicated to these magical girls and their cute animals.

  • Bree Bunny Styling Head

Thanks to this set, girls can have fun inventing new hairstyles by creating them on the head of the cute Bree Bunny of Enchantimals. In addition to the half-length bust, the package contains many accessories that can inspire the imagination and creativity of the smallest.

  • Mirror Enchantimals

Making yourself beautiful will be a game at Enchantimals with this beautiful and colorful mirror equipped with stool. The set also includes many beauty accessories waiting to be discovered and stored safely in the many drawers of the mirror!

  • Enchantimals Plush Assortment

To fully discover the magical world of the Enchantimals, you couldn’t miss the very nice stuffed animals: inspired by the animals friends of all the Enchantimals, these soft characters of 20 cm are the ideal companions for moments of play in the company!


In Mattel’s licensing world, there was no shortage of Jakks Pacific’s riders to satisfy and cheer up even the youngest children. Jakks proposes two rides: a red one dedicated to Fisher-Price decorated with cute stars and blue wheels; the other one, dedicated to the Little People’s micro-world, is decorated with a nice tambourine, in front of which there is a small colored keyboard with lights and sounds, to move freely and cheerfully!

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