27 Oct - 2019

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New logo, new licensed output, and promotional partnerships on the way

Nearly 30 years ago, a little mouse named Maisy first made her appearance in a sequence of best-selling novelty titles.

With global book sales of more than 38 million copies of over 300 titles in a wide variety of formats, Maisy Mouse has been a favourite with pre-school children and their carers for nearly three decades. Now Walker Books, the world’s leading wholly independent publisher of English-language children’s books and licensor of the Maisy Mouse brand, along with its sister companies Candlewick Press in the US and Walker Books Australia, is planning a number of celebrations for the evergreen star of publishing, TV and licensing.

Maisy is poised to celebrate her 30th year as one of the world’s best-known children’s pre-school characters. She has inspired not just books, but a popular TV show and DVDs, as well as plush, toys and a number of other licensed products. The celebration of Maisy’s 30th anniversary will build on this popularity, starting with a brand-new logo that encapsulates the enduring appeal of the character in the words Celebrating 30 years of Maisy. Friends. Learning. Fun.

This message, along with the vibrant and instantly recognisable illustrations that make the books so popular, has also informed a style guide which translates into all key categories, including tableware, apparel, plush, bags, calendars, cards, toys and stationery. This guide will be part of a campaign that will offer licensing partners the chance to participate in the thirtieth anniversary of one of the world’s best-loved children’s characters.

Promotional events will also be part of the celebrations. Partnerships with educational groups and across a variety of media are planned to underline the popularity of Maisy and her friends with pre-schoolers, parents and teachers.

Strong promotional opportunities are particularly expected in Asia, where the imminent arrival of the Year of the Rat in early 2020 has boosted the region’s already strong interest in Maisy’s anniversary, and offered opportunities to link the two events in promotions and marketing.

Since their launch just under 30 years ago, the charming Maisy Mouse picture books, written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins, featuring Maisy and her friends Charley the crocodile, Tallulah the chick, Cyril the squirrel, and Eddie the elephant, have become a multi-million-selling worldwide success.

Walker Books Ltd in the UK continues to publish an average of ten Maisy books a year, including board and novelty books with friends, learning and fun at their core. The series includes themes such as First Experiences, First Science, First Concepts and First Words. In addition, a popular brand website, a quarterly newsletter and regular character costume events have reinforced the enormous appeal of the books and their positive, inquisitive and bold heroine.

Pindy O’Brien, Licensing & Retail Development Director, Key Franchises, Walker Books, says: “Maisy’s positive, friendly and inquiring outlook and her ability to connect with new generations of children continue to make her popular all over the world. The thirtieth anniversary of this much-loved character is well worth celebrating – as fans of all ages will no doubt agree!”

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