24 Oct - 2019

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Atlantyca Entertainment has signed with international tech and promotional product producer and designer Maikii, who will produce a line of Geronimo Stilton Classic-branded 3D Figurines containing original Geronimo Stilton audio book designed for Maikii’s new product FABA

With offices based in Italy, the USA and Hong Kong, Maikii specializes in designing and customizing consumer electronics products and is one of today’s leading suppliers of licensed branded gadgets and corporate gifts.  With its retail brand Tribe, has created already branded products for Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, Game of Thrones, and Hello Kitty among many others. FABA will be Maikii’s new retail project.

The deal will see Atlantyca’s Geronimo Stilton being part of Maikii’s launch of the entirely new product, “FABA,” a specially conceived audio device (featuring a blue tooth speaker), designed to narrate a selection of special stories to children ages 2- 6 years old. Figurines are used to activate the stories, with assorted figurines expressly activating different tales (chronicles.) Children can collect different figurines to change the stories associated with their favorite characters! Maikii will produce four different Geronimo Stilton Classic 3D figurines to accompany four stories, which will launch in 2020.

“Maikii and its retail subsidiary, Tribe, are the creators of forward-thinking innovative products,” noted Marco Piccinini, Atlantyca’s Licensing Manager. “They create a wonderful mix of high quality technology and are known for their products that reflect great functionality and wonderfully designed aesthetics. Geronimo Stilton is a story teller, he is all about having journeys to share. We are so honored to be part of Maikii’s new product launch, and look forward to being part of this new product roll-out”.

“Our goal is to make FABA the leading platform for audio books and audio content dedicated to children, “noted Matteo Fabbrini, CEO.The variety and quality of the contents allow FABA to be a continuous and recognizable project, able to grow children’s creativity while offering a healthy choice for using smartphones and tablets.”

This is a toy that is made from a speaker and 3D figure called Sound Characters, each representing the protagonist of the stories known to kids. The materials chosen for the construction is solid, easy to clean, manageable, but above all, safe.   Each Sound Character plays an audio lasting about 20-40 minutes. Currently, there are various contents available including fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and songs in collaboration with many licensed publishers. The audio is of excellent quality, the volume is adjustable independently by the child since it is limited to 85dB, and it can also be used with headphones. The battery is rechargeable and allows up to 8 hours. FABA can become an irreplaceable object for kids, because it’s safe, creative, and reliable. Maikii aims to make FABA the reference platform for the use of audio books and audio content dedicated to children. The availability, variety, and quality of the content will make it a continuous and recognizable project.”

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