23 Oct - 2019

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For the little lovers of thrills, the second season on Rai Gulp’s first ever TV show

From 28 October, every day from Saturday to Thursday, at 18.00 from 31 October, every day also at 8.15 on Thursday, 31 October, at 18.00 and 21.50 Bat Pat – Halloween Special.

Bat Pat is back! Our incredible talking bat is the protagonist of another 52 episodes of the brand new second series on Rai Gulp’s first ever TV show, for another season full of shivers and fear with lots of laughter, produced by the Italian production company Atlantyca Entertainment – the same as “Geronimo Stilton” – and by the Spanish Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, with the participation of Rai Ragazzi and the Spanish public television RTVE.

Together with the inevitable brothers Martin, Leo and Rebecca Silver, three intrepid kids passionate about supernatural, our purple bat with big ears is ready from Monday, October 28 at 18 (and from Thursday, October 31 also at 8:15), to save new and countless extraordinary and comic creatures, not only in Fogville, but also around the world.

With a new and incredible vehicle, the Spectrotrain, driven by a new, surprising (and not so human) friend, our heroes will move from a creepy place to an even more gloomy one to help a zombie unicorn that has lost its horn and no longer wants to be mistaken for a horse or a swamp monster who no longer wants to live in a place full of flies and insects.

We will not fail to meet old and new friends, including Jinx, the super cool granddaughter of Bat Pat and Alapacchia, cousin of our winged hero, surf enthusiast and expert in Bat-Yoga. All with a motto in mind: “Not everything that is different from us is bad”. Because in reality our creatures all they want is … help!

Freely taken from the successful book series of the same name published by Piemme, the animated series “Bat Pat” has already been sold in over 100 countries around the world and also to Netflix.

Bat Pat 2 – Halloween Special

Synopsis of Thursday, October 31, at 18:00 and 21:50

Freddo the vampire has to go and play at the Halloween dance, but the band mates leave him at the last minute. Bat Pat and his friends try to solve the problem, but the Spectrotrain doesn’t work, because a troll has eaten the charcoal that fed it, which is made of cotton candy…

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