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30 Sep - 2019

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On the occasion of the BLE, CLC Creative Licensing will showcase some of its most performing properties

  • The staying power of Terminator

With a new film on the horizon and nearly 50 active licensing partners for the classic Terminator films, “THE TERMINATOR” and “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY”, it remains a touchstone of our culture.

Online mentions of the words #Terminator produces a never-ending stream at any time of day thanks to the franchise being a worldwide phenomenon – somewhere someone is always watching or talking about Terminator.

From a merchandise perspective, this translates to a robust and diverse retail program. New for 2019 is the first ever “Terminator 2” escape room in Phoenix AZ with Boyd Escapes, the first true motion prop replica of the T-800 endoskeleton arm courtesy of Sideshow, and the first Terminator branded consumer fireworks created by Winco.

Creative Licensing’s additional Terminator partners in the United Kingdom include:

    • GVC for online gaming – running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
    • Hachette Partworks for a buildup collectible figure of the T-800 endoskeleton
    • Microgamming for online gambling
    • Nemesis Now for gifts and collectibles
    • Park Agencies for apparel
    • Reef for mobile games

Other major licensing partners include:

    • American Classics for apparel – running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
    • BHVR Games for mobile games, specifically downloadable content
    • Dark Horse Comics for graphic novels – running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
    • Darkside Collectibles for high end figures
    • Greenlight Collectibles for collectible model vehicles
    • NECA for collectible figures
    • Prime 1 Studio for collectible figures
    • Sideshow for collectible figures – running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
    • Sudden Impact for laser tag

Together, these companies comprise partnerships in over 12 different categories, many of whom sell worldwide, and range in product variety from collectible silver coins, to figures 7” to full scale, to high-end art posters, to social online slots.

To learn more about Terminator products, promotions, and opportunities visit Creative Licensing’s at Booth E203!

  • Classic Horror Films shine at retail

Creative Licensing reports an increase in licensing activity for its horror titles, especially “EVIL DEAD 2” and “HALLOWEEN”, as horror continues to command shelf space year-round

EVIL DEAD 2” for example, currently has twenty active licensing partners with merchandise ranging from high-end collectible figures such as Kotobukiya’s bishoujo statue, to a new board game from Jasco Games, to an escape room from Hourglass Escapes Seattle.

For John Carpenter’s “HALLOWEEN”, fans across the globe can’t seem to collect enough merchandise. With more than thirty active licensing deals, partnerships for “HALLOWEEN” range from a skateboard collection with Madrid Skateboards, to socks from Stance, to a “HALLOWEEN” chapter in the popular Dead by Daylight online game, to a collection of fine-art limited edition prints that feature on-set, behind the scenes and rare publicity shots from Classic Stills.

Additional horror titles that perform well for CLC include, “THE EXORCIST III”, “THE FOG”, “THE HOWLING”, “NIGHTBREED”, “PUPPET MASTER”, “RE-ANIMATOR” and Hammer Horror films such as “SCARS OF DRACULA.”

To learn more about our success with horror please visit, or meet us at our booth at E203!

  • 30 Excellent Years for Bill and Ted and a New Film!

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic, time traveling duo from San Dimas High School – Bill and Ted of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!” This year, Bill and Ted find themselves on some MOST EXCELLENT new merchandise to celebrate the momentous occasion. Such partners include Cubicall, which will be recreating the seminal phone booth from the film, Bioworld for a capsule collection of apparel, Warcradle Studios for Bill and Ted’s board game, and Incendium for collectible figures, silk screen sprints, and lithographs.

With Boyd Escapes, Bill and Ted are the subject of a new escape room! The object of this escape room is to rescue the world’s most influential people, who have been trapped by a mad scientist, via the phone booth or witness the demise of civilization as we know it!

This year, Bill and Ted also announced the long-awaited release date (August 21, 2020) of their new film “Bill and Ted Face the Music.” In this film, a visitor from the future warns Bill and Ted that only their song can save life as we know it and bring harmony to the universe, so the pair set off on a new adventure. Party on Dudes!

To learn more about Bill and Ted, please visit and meet us at our booth E203!

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