20 Sep - 2019

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First time BLE Exhibitor, 34 -year old Laura Wall has good reason to be energised about showcasing her brands to the licensing community at large

Laura Wall gets magical with The Toozles at BLE!

Best known for her award-winning children’s book series ‘Goose’ and fine art illustrations, including her ‘Seaside’ collection typified by her trademark clouds and characters along with her bold, bright colours, Laura is launching a brand new property at BLE:  The Toozles.

Aimed at 4-6 year-olds, The Toozles are a bizarre-looking bunch of pocket-sized creatures that can only be found in the most ancient of woodlands.  Their personalities are as sparkling as the colour of their fur. They are vibrant, kind and happy little beings with a quality of magic about them.  They are funny and engagingly daft sometimes.  Friendship is at the core of the brand, along with values such as kindness and teamwork. The Toozles love and respect their woodland home and there is a nod to the importance of caring, respecting and nurturing the natural environment around them, and essentially, us humans.

The Toozles has been developed initially for publishing and TV animation and Laura Wall is hopeful of attracting potential partners this week at the Show. 

The Laura Wall Gallery where Laura sells her fine art illustrations, was runner up in 2019’s ‘Best Gallery in Britain’ Awards

Laura can count an impressive number of awards to her name including National Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 at the Venus Women Awards and Britain’s Best Up And Coming Artist.  Her Goose books, published by Award Publicatios, are available in 40 countries and have been credited with a Book Trust Recommended Read 2018, a Silver award in the Progressive Pre-School Awards in 2016 and ‘Goose’s Cake Bake’ is shortlisted in the Toddler Category for the Sheffield Book Award in November 2019.  Laura has supported the Goose book series by completing book signings and workshops with children worldwide.   

All Laura’s brands are available for licensing.  Please come and see us in the Publishing Pavilion, C102.

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