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16 Sep - 2019

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Butterfly-Effected GmbH will bring Panini Digital wallpapers to the Android marketplace

Panini S.p.A. and Butterfly-Effected GmbH partners to bring Panini digital wallpapers to your smartphones.

Panini S.p.A., the worldwide famous sticker and trading card company and Butterfly-Effected GmbH have signed a worldwide, two-year licensing agreement for the development and distribution of decorative digital contents to personalize Android devices such as home and lock screens, contacts and icons.

With the support of an extensive style guide, Butterfly-Effected will bring Panini digital wallpapers to the Android marketplace, developing themes, digital wallpapers, AODs and digital stamps that will be soon available globally on the App Stores of the major world leading manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets, to personalize the user interface of Panini’s true fans.

This new license agreement will expand and increase digital experience around the Panini brand, utilizing a wide range of heritage materials and cool fresh designs, appealing to the broad and fans of Panini internationally.

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