4 Sep - 2019

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Enanimation multi-platform launch planned for much-loved pre-school publishing property

Olga the Cloud’s broadcast rights secured by italian boutique animation studio Enanimation

Italian boutique animation studio Enanimation has secured the rights to develop – globally and on all platforms – the popular pre-school publishing property Olga the Cloud, created by legendary writer and illustrator Nicoletta Costa.

Nicoletta Costa’s creation– a global publishing success for over 30 years  – is a cute, funny and soft cloud, who is friends with the moon, the stars and the sun – and also children! And of course as a cloud she wants to rain – but when is the right time?

For the series now in development, called Nina & Olga, Enanimation has developed a new character, Nina, who is a special friend of Olga, who helps her to cope with everyday challenges. Olga helps Nina to understand and face her feelings, like a true Best Friend Forever, but a BFF who rains – and at the most unusual times!

It’s a rich, colourful world of children, parents, grannies and teachers, not to mention animals, birds the sun, moon and stars, all of whom come together as part of Nina & Olga’s daily adventures.

Olga the Cloud‘s broadcast rights secured by Enanimation. The first Olga the Cloud storybook was published in Italy in 1982. Since then, more than 80 titles – in picture book, board book, activity book and cloth book formats – have been published in Italy and abroad, through publisher EMME Edizioni. Olga the Cloud has enjoyed a strong response in many countries outside Italy, but is particularly popular in China, Russia, Spain and the US.

Writer and illustrator Nicoletta Costa’s work has graced more than 300 books to date. Her unique ability to see the world through the eyes of a child and her endearing characters like Giovanna the Moon, Mister Aquilone, Margherita the sleepy Teacher, Teodora the Witch and of course Olga the Cloud, have gained her, and her work, global fame.

Enanimation is an independent TV production company whose work covers all parts of the production process from creative to financial. Recent notable co-productions include, Mystery after Mystery (a 26 x 2′ animated TV series); Mia et le Migou, winner of the European Animated Feature Film award at the European Film Awards 2009; the original animated TV series Linkers, released in 2014; and the successful animated TV series Mini Ninja, which was nominated for a Magnolia Award in the Best Animation category at the Shanghai International TV Festival 2019.

Enanimation Producer Federica Maggio says: “The work of Nicoletta Costa is known and admired throughout the world and Olga the Cloud is one of her most delightful characters. We are delighted and honoured to have the opportunity to bring to life this great favourite of children everywhere and are certain that her move to a multi-platform environment will be an enormous success.”

Nicoletta Costa says: “Enanimation has a strong track record in children’s animation, which makes it an ideal partner to bring Olga and her friends to the screen for her many fans. We are looking forward to a long and highly successful partnership on this exciting project.”

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