31 Jul - 2019

There are not many European films distributed in the States: those for children, then, are really a nice exception, something to be proud of

On Friday, August 2, the animated film “Leo da Vinci – Mission Monna Lisa” is released in the States. It is produced by Gruppo Alcuni and directed by Sergio Manfio, who is the artistic director of the production company and co-author of the screenplay together with his brother Francesco Manfio, who is also the executive producer of the film, and with the collaboration of Anna Manfio and Davide Stefanato.

The news is important for the film market and the world of Italian culture tout court: it is not often the case that a European or Italian product crosses the ocean and lands in American cinemas. If we think of the world of productions aimed at a family audience, this possibility is even more remote.

At the moment the distributor Ammo Content LLC, based in New York, confirms that the film will be present in 9 American states (but the number is constantly updated): from Denver-Colorado to Yuma-Arizona; from Portland-Oregon to Indianapolis-Indiana; from Portsmouth-Ohio to Houston-Texas… just to name a few of the squares where the adventures of the young Leonardo da Vinci born from the imagination of Gruppo Alcuni will arrive. After the big screen, the film will be released on DVD and also on cable and pay TV.

Aimed at a target family, the film mixes adventure and comedy and stars an unreleased adolescent version of Leonardo da Vinci in search of an incredible treasure, against a group of fearsome pirates.

Leonardo da Vinci is a character who has an enormous appeal in every part of the world: this fact, combined with the beauty of the story and the great quality of production of the film, has allowed the distributors of the Treviso-based company to obtain a great consensus in every market in which it has been proposed: to date, agreements have already been defined for distribution in over 60 countries around the world, and in the last year the film has already been released in cinemas in 49 countries, to which the States are now added, to mark a remarkable milestone.

The director, Sergio Manfio: “In designing and producing Leo da Vinci we were aware that the Tuscan genius enjoyed great fame but we didn’t think it was so vast and widespread throughout the world. Above all, we are impressed by the success of our young Leo, who has been appreciated precisely because we have not proposed a “little genius” but just We are also happy for the positive opinions we received for the character of Lisa who, despite an adventure set in 1466, turned out to be a modern and real girl.

Francesco Manfio, producer of the film, says: “We are sure that this release in the States will be yet another success. The steps already taken by Leo da Vinci abroad confirm that the choice to concentrate our productions on spreading the culture of our country is a winning one. Obviously, this choice must be accompanied by high quality productions that can be proposed all over the world: I believe that with this feature film in animation, the goal has been achieved“.

AFTER THE FILM ARRIVES THE TELEVISION SERIES – The success of the feature film was an incentive to speed up the production of the television series (52 episodes of 13 minutes) created by Sergio and Francesco Manfio for Gruppo Alcuni. The series is co-produced with Rai ragazzi, the german HR, Cosmos Animation Singapore and All Rights Entertainment, with the contribution of POR – FESR/Regione del Veneto and in collaboration with Trentino Film Commission.

The first 13 episodes of “Leo da Vinci” will be broadcast on Rai Gulp from September 10.


When it was released abroad, Leo da Vinci – Mission Monna Lisa had excellent results at the box office.

In particular:

  • 2nd place in Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro
  • 3 place in Slovakia
  • 4th place in South Korea
  • 5th place in Greece
  • 9th place in Turkey and Spain


In 2018 Sergio Manfio, the film’s director, won the Premio Cinema Veneto Leone di Vetro “…for showing once again the production excellence of Gruppo Alcuni…”.

At the latest ICFF (Italian Contemporary Film Festival) held in Toronto, dedicated to productions aimed at the 8-18 year-old target, the film by Gruppo Alcuni received the prestigious ICFF Youth Film Festival People’s Choice Award.

The Festival Director: “Leo da Vinci was the winning ace among all the films presented and was seen by more than 5,000 enthusiastic viewers. Leo has been screened more than any other film, even at the express request of the various schools that participated in the festival and several teachers have enriched the experience of the festival.”

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