Fans experience the first ever Fortnite vehicle launching Jazwares’ #FortniteIRL RC collection with limited edition product, Faze Clan member “Faze Blaze”, and a VIP Bird Scooter Giveaway

Jazwares #FortniteIRL toy line has been recognized for superb quality and innovation by retailers, collectors, consumers, and influencers alike since launching in Dec 2018. Famous for things like interchangeable faces, 40+ points of articulation in 6” figures, and a piñata llama explosion the toy manufacturer based out of Sunrise, FL changed the game at San Diego Comic-Con revealing the FIRST EVER Fortnite remote control vehicle!

See photos attached of gamer & musician, Lucas Mosing (Faze Blaze) of the Faze Clan which is the most popular esports organization in the world with roughly 82 million YouTube subscribers. He showcased the RC ATK at his Jazwares meet & greet at San Diego Comic-Con where he raffled off a VIP, unlocked Bird scooter.

The Deluxe Fortnite R/C ATK is ready to bring one of Fortnite’s most exciting vehicles to life! The ATK fits up to four 4-inch figures and features game authentic lights and sounds. The ATK comes with a 4-inch, articulated, Drift figure complete with the Stop Axe harvesting tool and a golf bag to stash it in while you roll your way to victory!

Jazwares is teasing another addition to the RC collection is slated for next week’s Fortnite World Cup.