On newsstands, from Wednesday, July 17 with the weekly, Mickey Mouse version Astronaut collection, you fly to the Moon with the story in two episodes “Mickey Mouse and the castle on the Moon”

50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong laid his first human foot on the lunar ground: “A small step for man, but a giant leap for humanity“. To celebrate this wonderful adventure, Mickey Mouse presents the AstroTopo.

Mickey Mouse is ready to go on a space mission and, for the occasion, wears a space suit full of detail, including the lunar footprint on the sole of the boot. The AstroTopo, an exclusive action figure of the Disney hero ready for his space mission, 13 cm high and with articulated head, arms and legs, comes complete with a removable and wearable helmet with legendary ears and is an exclusive collectible gadget. The AstroTopo will be on sale with the number 3321 of Mickey Mouse, on newsstands from Wednesday, July 17.

In the same issue, entirely dedicated to the moon landing in comics and editorials, there will also be space for a fascinating and mysterious two-part story set in space: “Mickey Mouse and the Castle on the Moon“, written and designed by Casty. Mickey and Goofy will be directed to the Moon, where they will discover the presence of a real castle and that our galaxy is also inhabited by other particular characters. A “fantathriller” in two episodes, as Casty himself defines it, which sees among its protagonists also Bippo, a strange former astronaut, relative of Pippo.

All that remains is to run to the newsstands and celebrate this historic anniversary together with Mickey Mouse, from Wednesday, July 17. Moon landing also on Mickey Mouse Magazine’s social networks, with #TopolinoMagazine and #AstroTopo

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