Paul Smith presents a capsule collection inspired by the film Men in Black International TM by Sony Pictures

Paul Smith is pleased to announce his involvement in the spin-off of Sony‘s Men in Black International TM with the creation of costumes tailored to the main actors in the film.

In collaboration with costume designer Penny Rose, Paul Smith imagined for the formidable extraterrestrial police officers a breathable and comfortable black suit inspired by his “A Suit To Travel In” – the iconic ‘travel suit’ that doesn’t stretch or crumple – adapted to their intergalactic missions.

As part of this collaboration, Paul Smith has launched a capsule collection for men and women with clothes and accessories and one dedicated to mini fans, the collection will also be available from 2 to 16 years!

The capsule collection is composed of black dresses embellished with a lining with sketches of the extraterrestrial creatures of the film, classic white shirts with buttons inspired by the film and patterns that wink at the ultra-secret organization that regulates the presence of aliens on Earth.

The dresses are accompanied by a selection of accessories: a black tie with a pattern inspired by the glasses worn by the agents, a clutch and a silk scarf, a money clip and cufflinks with the new Men in Black logo, stockings in four colors on which are embroidered several alien creatures, a wallet and a case for iPhone, a sweatshirt with printed hood and finally a polo shirt.

Also for the most avid fans it must be said that Paul Smith will make an appearance in this new film.

The spin-off of the saga Men in Black TM is directed by F. Gary Gray and written by the duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, and is based on the comic Malibu by Lowell Cunningham.

The capsule collection will be available at some retailers and online at from May 2019.

The film will be released in Italy on July 25, 2019.