8 Jul - 2019

In this interview Sergio Ravanelli tells us about this success and about the future projects of the group

Kimbe, a leading company in the organization of events in shopping malls, theme parks, in addition to the production and conveyance of costume characters, is among the protagonists in the world of licensing. For the summer of 2019, it has created a unique and innovative project for the market, with the Bennet Galleries as its commercial area and the world of Pokémon as its brand protagonists.

How was the project dedicated to the world of Pokémon born and outlined?

The project was born from a meeting during the Licensing Fair in Bologna between the marketing of Gallerie Bennet and The Pokèmon Company International with the idea of having a brand of absolute value within the Centers with a commercial appeal. From there, the event’s conception and planning phase began, before arriving at the final development that was carried out this spring.

Where was the project developed?

The project was developed as part of a tour of 10 Bennet Shopping Malls, between April and May 2019.

What were the results and feedback obtained with this project?

The quantitative and qualitative results obtained are certainly positive: more than 4,500 children were actively involved in the course of the play activities, distributing personalized gadgets to all. In addition, for each stage of the tour we have put in place a team of 12 people for the supervision of the area and for the coordination of the event.

On the wave of this success, what are your future projects, especially in view of the back to school?

Events, especially those related to the target kids/teen and family, always see us at the forefront in developing innovative formats and often linked to successful brands, based on the needs and ideas that come to us from the specific customer. For the back to school, we will certainly focus on this type of playful activity, but at the same time very interactive and that allows the customers of the Shopping Centre to live a unique and captivating event/experience. In addition, for September we have in store, at licensing level, a prestigious arrival at Kimbe’s house that will certainly enhance our entertainment events. We can’t wait to announce it to you!

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