On July 11, two new illustrated stories about the kids who are crazy about Bonelli arrive in the bookshop and comic book shop. Among trolls, summer campsites and other monsters!

After their online debut, which took place in February 2017 in the form of strips (then collected in a small volume in March 2018), here is the return of Bonelli Kids! Created by Alfredo Castelli (former father of Martin Mystère), Tino Adamo and Sergio Masperi (designers involved in the drafting Bonelli) and Luca Bertelè (designer for Disney, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Scooby Doo), the young, pestiferous children who play their heroes of the favorite comics are back in a new guise, totally new. The formula is also new for Sergio Bonelli Editore who, for the first time in over 70 years of publications, prints illustrated books for children! The desire is to make passionate and bring an audience of young and very young reading books and comics.

The Bonelli Kids are inspired and play in a fun way the adventurous characters of realistic comics published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, proposing all the peculiarities, but, of course, their being kids leads them to get into trouble continuously and to deal with seemingly huge problems, for children of their age.

Two unpublished adventures realized in collaboration with the drawings of Manuela Nerolini (illustrator for children) and the texts of the veteran of children’s literature Davide Calì, with Andrea Pau Melis and Mariapaola Pesce. Two very funny, adventurous and colourful stories that will fascinate the youngest readers but that will surely conquer also dads and mothers, who will want to add them to their collection!
Get to know Zagor and Chico, Martin Mystère and Java, Nathan Never, Mister No and all the other characters who are part of the wonderful world of Bonelli comics in this wild “Kids” version!

Enjoy reading!


Bonelli Kids – Escape from Camp Misfortune

An incredible adventure awaits the Bonelli Kids! Zagor, Martin, Nathan, Chico and Java will be dealing with a very special summer camp… Nothing is as it seems, and what was supposed to be a nice holiday with friends becomes a real … “Escape from Camp Sventura”!

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Bonelli Kids – The King of Trolls

Zagor, Martin, Nathan, Chico and Java have a new passion, the collection of the card game: “Crucible of Monsters”. But it seems that there is only one copy of the strongest and most precious card… Who found it? What to do to get it?! A wild treasure hunt begins in order to get your hands on the very rare figurine of… “The King of Trolls”!

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