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17 Jun - 2019

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For the first time you can play in reality and overcome the levels digitally

Hot Wheels ID™ adds a digital racing experience to the world’s best-selling toy with a new integrated gaming capability. Mattel announces the release of Hot Wheels ID™, the greatest evolution of the much-loved brand that has ignited the spark of challenge in generations of children. Hot Wheels ID™ combines traditional and digital gaming in an integrated experience.

The line includes an assortment of unique vehicles as well as 3 new products:

  • Hot Wheels ID™ die-cast assortment, equipped with NFC tags that store each vehicle’s performance data and make them identifiable via apps.
  • Hot Wheels ID™ Race Portal ™, which scans Hot Wheels ID™ vehicles in the app, tracks speed and lap count via Bluetooth sensors and is easily connected to classic Hot Wheels tracks. The race portal includes two exclusive Hot Wheels ID™ vehicles.
  • Hot Wheels id Smart Track, which features a brand new Hot Wheels design to increase speed and improve racing, jumps and crashes, while adding total distance to vehicle statistics. The Smart Track includes the fastest and most powerful booster Hot Wheels has ever built, plus two exclusive vehicles and the Hot Wheels Race Portal™.
  • The Hot Wheels ID™ app hosts your virtual garage of Hot Wheels vehicles to collect, race, jump and level up, as well as hundreds of challenges and digital races to keep the fun going. Register your fleet of cars to measure their performance and compete with others like never before!

By playing in the traditional way, you can use the app to measure and synchronize the speed of your cars, count laps and track your distance on specially designed tracks and game sets. The iconic die-cast Hot Wheels ID™ will also allow children to climb the game levels via app, challenging them to beat records in both the real and virtual worlds for the first time in history. Hot Wheels ID™ amplifies the physical experiences children have known for generations through digital play.

The success of Hot Wheels as the world’s best-selling toy shows that high-performance vehicle play is an evergreen, while consumer research highlights the fact that fans of all ages are increasingly attracted to digital experiences.

Hot Wheels ID™ demonstrates how a top brand in its industry continues to evolve and break the conventions of its category,” said Chris Down, Chief Design Officer at Mattel. “With Hot Wheels ID™, children can now prove what they’ve been claiming for generations: how quickly their cars went and how many races they won. Hot Wheels innovated the game of toy cars more than 50 years ago and now we’re doing it again with Hot Wheels ID™.”

Hot Wheels IDvehicles, the racing portal and the smart track are available from June 14 exclusively on Apple.com. The free-to-play Hot Wheels ID™ app is available for download from the App Store. The suggested retail price for the Hot Wheels ID™ die-cast is €7.99, the Race Portal €54.99 and the Smart Track €189.99.

Mattel‘s commitment to safety and security is of the utmost importance and as such, Hot Wheels ID™ has been created with strict standards that guarantee privacy and security, even online.

For more information, visit HotWheels.com/id.

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