Little People, parole O_Stili and Discovery Italy, together for a world full of kindness!

30 May - 2019

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Little People is a world of characters and places in miniature where there is always fun, serenity and a smile, in perfect Fisher-Price style

The new animated series is ready to land on Frisbee (DTT channel 44) in June 2019, but first, to get closer to children and teach them how to live in harmony with the people around them, Little People joins the association Parole O_Stili and the TV channel Frisbee, Discovery Italia group, for a special edutainment project based on the importance of words and non-hostile behavior.

Parole O_Stili is a non-profit association that aims to empower and educate young and old to choose forms of non-hostile communication. It is precisely to sensitize children to a correct form of verbal communication that Little People will be broadcast from May 2019 with special content: in fact, on Frisbee (channel 44 DTT), throughout the month of May, will be broadcast short videos in which the protagonists of the animated series will have the task of illustrating to young viewers what are the kind words to use with friends, parents and teachers. The latter, to promote educational activities in kindergartens, will have the opportunity to download from the website of Parole O_Stili (http://paroleostili.it/materiale-didattico) a complete didactic card, so you can organize activities in the classroom guided by the joy of Little People!

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