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CupOfTherapy© grows in the Asia after appointing multiple new licensing agencies

24 May - 2019

Forkids is delighted to represent a meaningful brand CupOfTherapy

The Finnish CupOfTherapy together with their global master agency and business development partner Ferly Co. have appointed multiple regional licensing agencies to grow the brand in the selected Asian territories: Daewon Media Co., Ltd. in Korea, Gaia Inc. in Japan, and Forkids (HK) Promotion Company for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

Forkids is delighted to represent a meaningful brand CupOfTherapy. CupOfTherapy resonates with and provides comfort to people who are going through some tough times or suffering from anxiety or depression. The books will be out this summer in Greater-China regions and we also have stationery licensee, social media, and a range of promotion programs lined up. Forkids wish to promote the message “Mental Health Made Visible” to everyone,” said Eric Fong, Chief Executive Officer, Forkids (HK) Promotion Company Limited. 

CupOfTherapy is a Finnish concept that introduces important themes of wellbeing and mental health through distinctive and approachable animal figures. CupOfTherapy has become a social media phenomenon since the launch of its original book “CupOfTherapy” published in 2017 by the Finnish publishing house Otava. In 2018, MUJI then published the book under the title Dai Jo Bu,” translated Is Everything OK”. The CupOfTherapy concept encourages people to reflect on their life and find comfort, encouragement, and joy in simple things as well and acknowledges the importance of having dialogue around important mental health issues.

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