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The Kinderometro: the international survey on the relationship between parents and children

21 May - 2019

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Kinder has always given value to small moments because they are the ones that matter most in the eyes of children: the small moments are the greatest for them.

The small daily moments that parents share with children are the ones that have the most impact in their lives, but sometimes, this simple truth is lost sight of. Kinder for over 3 generations accompanies parents and children in these precious little moments of joy, creating a range of products designed specifically for the joy of children but reassuring parents. Fundamental for Kinder is to favour, at any time, the pleasure of being together in families, creating small and joyful moments of sharing.
For this reason, Kinder has commissioned Kinderometro, the detector of small moments to Ipsos, a centre specializing in market research worldwide: an international survey on the relationship between parents and children, with the particularity of the dual perspective of two generations. In 5 European countries (Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain and Russia) in fact not only mothers and fathers have been interviewed, but also children aged between 7 and 15 years.
The evidence emerging from the Kinderometro offers a debate on the peculiarities and needs of today’s families, touching on the following topics:
– parents are very demanding with themselves in the role
– the search for perfection can be a source of guilt
– parents do well and children are satisfied
– parents and children are very close and share the small moments that count
– the international comparison shows a substantial homogeneity of the situation, albeit with country specificity
The general picture that emerges from the international survey is that parents and children have a good relationship and children are even more positive and satisfied than their parents in relation to many important aspects of life, demonstrating that parents they do very well in all the countries covered by the research. Parents often ask more from themselves, they feel they are not doing enough, and for this reason, they would like to have more time available, even giving up some economic benefit. The “small moments” together are those that bring parents and children closer together in everyday life. Their close bond is strengthened through simple moments of joy like exchanging kisses and hugs, laughing, having breakfast and playing together.

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