Cartoon Digital lands in Sardinia

21 May - 2019

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For the first time ever in Italy the European master on Animation & Digital, from 20th through 23rd May, in Cagliari.

In these days, Cartoon Digital is taking place in Cagliari, the European master on digital animation taking place for the first time in Italy, from 21 to 23 May, thanks to the initiative of the Sardinia Film Commission Foundation, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and Cartoon Italy, the national association of animation producers.

It is in fact on the animation that the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission has decided to focus as a driving force in the coming years for the development of the audiovisual supply chain in Sardinia, employment and the promotion of the territory.

Organized by the European association Cartoon Media based in Brussels, Cartoon Digital was preceded, on 20 and 21 May, by the Italian Days, two sessions aimed at new talents and Italian producers. An event in the event that is part of the NAS project, New Animation Sardinia, thanks to which a production laboratory and high permanent training are being established which from Cagliari subsequently involves the whole island, where those who will be trained will be immediately employed on the projects that will be produced in Sardinia.

The speakers are of the highest level and will share their knowledge of the latest developments in digital animation and content for connected screens. Among the guests, the major European public broadcasters, such as Rachel Bardill (CBeebies – BBC), Sebastian Debertin (Kika, ARD / ZDF), Tiphaine de Raguenel (France Télévision), YagoFandiñoLousa (RTVE), Luca Milano (Rai Ragazzi), and numerous Italian and international producers and experts. Among these, Maria Bonaria Fois (Ibero-American TV World), Roch Lener (Millimages), Tom Van Waveren (Cake Entertainment), Alfio Bastiancich (Showlab), Cristian Jezdic (BeQ Entertainment), Caterina Vacchi (AtlantycaEntertainment), Davide Tromba (Animoka).

At the Manifattura Tabacchi, site of the event, also the world of video games and virtual reality, with Aymar Azaizia of Ubisoft, Canada, one of the largest video game developers with over 40 studios and offices in the world, with the presence of AESVI (Italian Publishers and Video Games Developers Association), by Michel Reilhac, curator of the VR competition for the Venice Biennale, while Iole Giannattasio, representative of the Mibac, will illustrate to the international partners the Italian public financing system envisaged by the new Cinema law.

Open to all animation professionals, Cartoon Digital will be present among the participants of Cristiana Buzzelli (Rainbow Group), Elizabeth De Grassi (Walt Disney Television Italy), Nicole Keeb (ZDF), and other top television managers, producers, distributors, authors.

Furthermore, during the Italian Days, professionals and producers will offer their experience on the topics of writing, production, storytelling, giving guidelines to present a project effectively.

Four days of conferences but also of networking opportunities in the evocative setting of some of the most beautiful places in the Sardinian capital that will become the first “image pole” in Italy, thus contributing to the construction of a unified and integrated national project that sees in the creation of specialized centers an important aid to the Italian animation system, one of the fastest growing audiovisual sectors.

The event, which will be based on eco-sustainability, is organized with the support of Creative Europe Media, European Union – European Regional Development Fund, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Fondazione Sardinia Film Commission, Cartoon Italia, Rai Ragazzi, in collaboration with Mondo Iberoamerican TV. Event partners: CTM Spa, Casa Puddu Academy, Masoni Becciu Oil Mill, the Santa Maria la Palma Alghero and Su Entu wineries, the collaboration of the National Comics Center and of Sardegna Ricerche and the media partnership of Fred Radio, Radio X and Licensing Magazine.

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