Barbie by Vicolo: the spring/summer capsule collection

Vicolo pays tribute to Barbie by creating a capsule collection to celebrate its 60th anniversary; Barbie has always been an icon of fashion and style and a source of inspiration for young and old.

Through the iconic garments of the capsule collection POWER OF POSSIBILITIES, Vicolo shares and becomes the spokesman of the mission of Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, “You Can Be Anything”. In fact, Barbie has always shown girls that they can be all they want, giving them the chance to play different roles and engage in careers of all kinds by encouraging imagination, expression and self-discovery. The mission of the brand is precisely to give value to the unlimited potential of the girls so that they are aware of being able to reach any goal they wish for their future.
Vicolo dedicates the capsule collection POWER OF POSSIBILITIES to all the girls who want to continue to dream but also to remember their childhood dreams through Barbie. For the occasion, he created a brand new capsule inspired by the common mission of Vicolo and Barbie: girls can be anything they want and can wear what they want by following their feelings. They can dress Vicolo on every occasion and above all in any desired style, be it feminine, sporty, casual, elegant … Alley is freedom!
For the occasion, Vicolo has created an unprecedented ’90’s high-quality capsule collection: a limited-edition Barbie collection that includes 3 t-shirts with maxi logos, all-over logos or with the slogan’ You can be … ‘in colours pastel; a mini collection in denim divided between very colourful minis and jeans with a jacket; sequined garments – a must-have of the season – and a maxi skirt in tulle reminiscent of Barbie Ballerina without forgetting two beachwear proposals: a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini – both shoulder straps with ruffles profiles.
The garments will be available from 20 May in single brand stores in the best multi-brands on national territory.

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