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Summer is a great game with Mattel

16 May - 2019

Bestway, ODS, Grandi Giochi, Dino Bikes and Mondopresent the new outdoor lines.

The beautiful days are finally upon us and the open air races will soon give way to the desire to wallow in the water and the scents of the beaches.
For all adventure lovers, ODS presents a line dedicated to girls and children who cannot renounce contact with nature and all the opportunities that spring offers to explore a new world through dynamic games full of vitality, such as the Barbie and Hot Wheels scooters, or experience the thrill of looking at the stars on a warm summer night, but protected by a safe and practical Barbie or Hot Wheels camping tent.
All children who love speed can have fun darting on Barbie or Hot Wheels inline skates, to meet their dreams and boys can face every challenge on board the Hot Wheels skateboard.
ODS also brings to the beaches the great classics such as the rackets dedicated to Barbie and Hot Wheels, the game of Barbie bowling and the timeless and colourful shovel and bucket for a dip in the world of Barbie & Hot Wheels to spend your holidays at sea.
With the Barbie by Dino Bikes bicycle (available in different sizes (12″- 14″ – 16″- 20″) every little girl will be able to meet her dreams at the speed of light! Her sporty and captivating appearance brings back all the colours iconic of Barbie, from white to the unmistakable pink, to enjoy a ride in the city or a picnic in the green in complete safety.

While the children will be able to jump in the saddle of the new Hot Wheels by Mondo bike for adrenaline raids and endless fun, to conquer even the most impervious roads by trusting friends!
Bestway instead, think of all those children who love the sun, the sea and the beach, without missing a bath! With the Bestway inflatables, the bath together with friends always becomes an unforgettable and fun-filled experience! All the girls will be able to float by the sea or by the pool on the waves aboard the magical Barbie sports car that reproduces in detail a real racing car with backrest, steering wheel and built-in horn, along with 25 balls to never end the fun! The little ones, on the other hand, can have fun on the shore with a great classic of beach games: the inflatable Barbie ball, which gives fun for the whole family! For the more reserved girls and looking for a hiding place to not miss even a secret, Barbie’s inflatable house allows you to have your own shelter even in the water!
The Bestway Hot Wheels inflatables are born for those who don’t want to give up adrenaline even during the summer season and ride the waves at full speed! The inflatable pool is perfect for younger children who still don’t feel like riding the waves of the deepest seas, but still don’t want to give up the fun together with their friends in peace and security! While the inflatable dinghy with backrest, rotating steering wheel with integrated horn and transparent window on the bottom, also brings the whole Hot Wheels charge to the water for explosive fun! The car wash, instead, makes the game even more fun even out of the water, creating a cheerful and original passage, characterized by two rotating rollers with sprays and water plays, just like the real ones!
Grandi Giochi has designed, for girls and children, all the facets of fun. The Happy Holiday cottage of Barbie is ideal to spend entire afternoons of fun with her friends and is treated in every detail: the entrance door is also perfect for hosting your puppy and the letterbox is made to receive the placed by her own friends.
The most dynamic girls and children will have fun running around in their favourite places with the Barbie tricycle and Hot Wheels and, on this small racing car, they will be able to ride far and wide and experience extraordinary emotions!
With Barbie and Hot Wheels, the summer never ends!

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